Pepita; or, the Girl with the Glass Eyes

Pepita. The opera was produced and directed by Thompson and Solomon and debuted at the Union Square Theatre, New York under the management of J. M. Hill, on March 16, 1886, closed after a nine-week run on May 22. Sources:Pepita, Professor Pongo's Daughter.. Lillian Russell Don Pablo, the governor's son and heir.. Chauncey Olcott/ G. Taglieri Professor Pongo, Doctor of Sciences.. Jacques Kruger Donna Carmansuita, Directress of Seminary for Young Ladies.. Alma Stuart Stanley Don Giavolo, Governor of Scaliwaxico.... Fred Clifton Don Juan, Pablo's inevitable friend.. George Wilkinson Curaso, valet to Pablo.. Frederick Solomon Pasquela, a forward pupil.. Lizzie Hughes Maraquita, an advanced idem.. Clara Jackson Chiquita, a prominent ditto.. Cora Striker Juana, a maid in waiting.. Julia Wilson Ballet Coryphée.. Miles. Pasta, S. Watson/ Forstner Atkins. Setting: The City Of Scaliwaxico. Time—High Old. Period—Uncertain. ACT I.—The Students' Frolic. Before Professor Pongo's House in Scaliwaxico. ACT II.—The Professor's Prodigy.

Interior of Pongo's Sanctum. ACT III.—The Governor's Fete. Don Giavolo's Palace. In this scene will appear The Mechanical Waiters and The Humming Birds. Professor Pongo is obsessed with automata. Pepita, the professor's daughter and Pablo, the governor's son, are in love, her father disapproves and Pablo is forbidden to visit. To gain entry past her father, Pablo disguises himself as one the cadavers Pongo planned to use to augment his mechanical devises; that night when Giavolo paid Pongo a visit, curious to view his mechanisms, neither knew that two of the automatons entertaining them were Pepita and Pablo concealed inside

Ville Miettinen

Ville Ilmari Miettinen is a Finnish serial entrepreneur and computer programmer. Miettinen was the co-founder and CTO of Hybrid Graphics, a graphics technology company acquired by NVIDIA in 2006. Miettinen is a founding partner at Lots, one of the accelerators in the Finnish governmental Vigo Programme. Miettinen is the CEO and co-founder of the crowdsourcing technology company Microtask. Miettinen is the chairman of the board of the ACM SIGGRAPH Helsinki Chapter, an advisory board member of IGDA Finland, a referrer at the European pre-seed venture fund HackFwd, a startup mentor at Aalto Venture Garage, he has held board seats in a number of graphics and gaming related companies, including Fake Graphics, Recoil Games and Cowboy Rodeo. He is a technical advisory board member at the fabless semiconductor company Movidius and a referrer with the European pre-seed investment company HackFwd. Miettinen was involved in the Khronos Group, participating in the standardization of OpenGL ES, OpenVG and OpenKODE, as well as in the Java Community Process where he contributed to the JSR-184, JSR-297, JSR-239 standards.

He is the co-author of the dPVS occlusion culling middleware. Miettinen is a frequent lecturer at various universities and industry events, such as Game Developers Conference, SIGGRAPH, EUROGRAPHICS and CrowdConf, he contributes to different blogs related to crowdsourcing and entrepreneurship. Miettinen is an avid hobbyist photographer