Pulp (student publication)

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Type of site
News and opinion
Available in English
Owner University of Sydney Union
Editors Sandra Buol, Bianca Farmakis & Noah Vaz
Website www.usu.edu.au/News.aspx
Commercial No
Launched March 2, 2016
Current status Active

Pulp is the online student publication of the University of Sydney Union and was established in 2016. As a replacement for student magazine BULL that was discontinued, Pulp is now the second student-run publication at the University of Sydney alongside student newspaper Honi Soit.

Described as "an online platform for student content", the publication has distinct viral social news and entertainment content ideal for social media sharing. However the website has also expanded into serious journalism and reportage in 2016, breaking a number of stories on campus. In 2016, the editors of the website were Swetha Das, Whitney Duan and Aparna Balakumar. In 2017, the editors were Eden Faithfull and Josh Wooller. The 2018 editors are Sandra Buol, Bianca Farmakis and Noah Vaz.[1]


In late 2015, Honi Soit reported that student magazine BULL would be replaced by 'an online news site with more “Buzzfeed style articles”' in 2016.[2] This decision was made by the student Board of Directors who govern the University of Sydney Union after the decreased readership in 2015. It was also confirmed that the website would have “two permanent paid part time student journalists” appointed for yearly terms and that the new website would be integrated into the current University of Sydney Union website.[3]


The content of Pulp varies between news, feature articles and culture pieces in line with the priorities of the editors, the University of Sydney Union and the wider reader base.


Year Editors
2016 Aparna Balakumar, Whitney Duan and Swetha Das
2017 Eden Faithful and Joshua Wooller
2018 Sandra Buol, Bianca Farmakis and Noah Vaz


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