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Compilation album by Susana Félix
Released November 19, 2007
Recorded 1999-2007
(except new versions)
Genre Pop, pop rock
  • 37:06 (first release)
  • 40:04 (second release)
Language Portuguese
Label Farol
Producer Susana Félix
Reanto Jr.
Susana Félix chronology
Rua Da Saudade
(2009)Rua Da Saudade2009
Singles from Pulsação
  1. "(Bem) Na minha mão"
    Released: December 20, 2007
  2. "Amanhecer (Sempre Mais Uma Vez)"
    Released: February 12, 2008
Professional ratings
Review scores
DiscoDigital.comFavourable [1]
Edusurfa4/5 stars [2]
NovaGuarda3/5 stars [3]
Qmusika3.5/5 stars [4]
Reconquista3/5 stars [5]

Pulsação is the first compilation album by the Portuguese pop singer Susana Félix. It was released on November 19, 2007. It includes "Mais Olhos (Que Barriga)" and "Um Lugar Enacantado", the two first singles from Felix's debut album Um Pouco mais. The rest of the songs are taken from the other two albums, Rosa e Vermelho and Índigo.

All the songs are written by Susana Félix. The album was produced by Susana Félix and Renato Jr., as were the previous albums Um Pouco Mais, Rosa e Vermelho and Índigo.

Two new songs, "(Bem) Na minha mão" and "Amanhecer (Sempre Mais Uma Vez)", were written and recorded for this album and released as singles.


Critical response[edit]

Reviews for Pulsação were generally favourable; it holds a score of 72/100 in AlbumScores based on seven professional reviews.

Edusurfa and ABCmusic gave a rating of 4 out of 5, saying that Pulsaçãois one of the best Portuguese compilations ever (ABCmusic gave a rating of 7 out of 10 for the second version). Nova Guarda and Reconquista gave the album a rating of 3 out of 5 stars.

DiscoDigital.com gave a positive review of the album and said, "Susana Félix is a curious case in the national pop. Usually surrounded by highly respectable names, has not reached the right ears to be respected as it deserves. Susana Felix had everything to have a career as a one hit wonder with "Mais Olhos (Que Barriga)" (1999) and she had several episodes as previous participation in a project of Mafalda Veiga and various collaborations. Now with 32 years and after three albums, which has to debug the pop song but not always as regularly as desired in all subjects, 'Pulsação' recalls some of his best moments while the relaxed versions. Surrounded by names like Rafael and Pedro Nuno Gonçalves, Susana Felix hits on this record that that is your state of grace and at the same time, consolidating the status of singer respectful. In this respect, 'Pulsação' may finally get the right people that will provide due recognition. For example, "(Bem) Na Minha Mão", one of two unpublished herein, and signed by herself reveals that it is and that should be your special place: a safe song, well sung and arranged with exquisite. Neither more nor less, is to pop in all its splendor."

Qmusika gave a rating of 3.5 out of 5.


The album debuted at number one on the Portuguese Album Chart.

Track listing[edit]

The following track list has twelve songs, most of them taken from the previous three albums, plus two new songs: "(Bem) Na Minha mão" and "Amanhecer (Sempre Mais Uma Vez)".

First release
1."(Bem) Na minha mão" (new song)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:35
2."Amanhecer (Sempre Mais Uma Vez)" (new song)Susana FélixPop, pop rock2:44
3."Um Lugar Encantado" (from Um pouco mais)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:17
4."Mais olhos (Que Barriga)" (from Um pouco mais)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:06
5."Flutuo" (from Índigo)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:22
6."Pó De Amar" (from Rosa e Vermelho)Susana FélixPop, pop rock5:16
7."Sou Eu" (from Índigo)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:12
8."Ficou" (from Rosa e Vermelho)Susana FélixPop, pop rock4:32
9."Luz De Presença" (from Rosa e Vermelho)Susana FélixPop, pop rock4:41
10."Fintar a Pulsação" (from Índigo)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:22
11."Concilios" (from Índigo)Susana FélixPop, pop rock3:18
Second release
12."Luz na Ponte" (from Índigo)Susana FélixPop, pop rock2:58


Information retrieved from Félix's official blog.[6]

  • Renato Junior – keyboards
  • Nuno Rafael – guitar
  • Alexandre Frazão – drums
  • Maximo Cavali – violi
  • Jorge Teixeira – Portuguese guitar
  • Vasco Brôco – violin
  • Tózé Miranda – violin
  • Jeremy Lake – violoncel
  • João Cabrita – saxophone
  • João Marques – fliscorne
  • Jorge Ribeiro – trombone


Release history[edit]

Region Date Label Format Catalogue
November 19, 2007 Farol CD B0007YH6AG


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