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RegionKhotang district and Udayapur district, Nepal
Native speakers
6,700 (2011 census)[1]
Language codes
ISO 639-3pum

Puma (Puma: पुमा Pumā) is a Kiranti language spoken by about 4,310 people (Central Bureau of Statistics report 2001) in Sagarmatha Zone, Nepal. The actual population may be somewhat higher.

The Himalayan Languages Project has produced the first grammatical sketch of Puma. Puma does not have a comprehensive grammar yet.


Puma is spoken in Diplung, Mauwabote, Devisthan, Pauwasera, and Chisapani VDC's of southern Khotang District, and in Beltar and Saunechour VDC's of Udayapur District, Nepal, it is also spoken in Ruwa Khola valley to Buwa Khola, and southward across the Dudh Koshi.


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