Pumawasi, Anta

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Location Peru, Cusco Region, Anta Province
Region Andes
Coordinates 13°32′36″S 72°15′50″W / 13.54333°S 72.26389°W / -13.54333; -72.26389Coordinates: 13°32′36″S 72°15′50″W / 13.54333°S 72.26389°W / -13.54333; -72.26389

Pumawasi (Quechua (Quechua puma cougar, puma, wasi house,[1] "puma house") is a rocky cave with pre-Columbian rock-art in Peru. It is situated in the Cusco Region, Anta Province, Chinchaypujio District. Pumawasi lies in the north of the district, west of the mountain Yuraqqaqa (Yurajaja, Yurajqaqa).

The cave is about 22 metres (72 ft) deep and measures about 28 metres (92 ft) at its widest point.[2]

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