Purwodadi, Grobogan

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Purwodadi Grobogan is a capital and a district in Grobogan Regency. It is located to the south east of Semarang, the capital of Central Java, Indonesia, it is also well known for tauco, a soya bean sauce, and swieke, a frog legs dish.

The east side of the district is geographically a valley area between two rocky mountains, Kendeng to the south and Pegunungan Kapur Utara to the north; the mountains have teak and mahogany forests. The valley is used for agriculture and spreads from the west to the east; the area has many rivers, highways and railways.

Villages in the district include:

  • Candisari
  • Cingkrong
  • Danyang
  • Genuksuran
  • Kalongan
  • Kandangan
  • Karanganyar
  • Kedungrejo
  • Kuripan
  • Nambuhan
  • Ngembak
  • Nglobar
  • Ngraji
  • Pulorejo
  • Purwodadi
  • Putat
  • Warukaranganyar


Coordinates: 7°05′00″S 110°57′00″E / 7.08333°S 110.95°E / -7.08333; 110.95