Pyang Zhuang language

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Pyang Zhuang
Fuping Zhuang
Native to China
Region Debao County, Guangxi
Language codes
ISO 639-3 None (mis)
Glottolog None

Pyang Zhuang, or Fuping Zhuang (Chinese: 扶平语), is an underdescribed Central Tai language spoken in southwestern Guangxi, China. It appears to be most closely related to Nong Zhuang.[1]

The Pyang refer to themselves as pja:ŋB2 or tʰoːC1-A, but are referred to as ˀjujC1 by the surrounding Yang Zhuang people (Liao 2016:315).


Pyang Zhuang is spoken in the following locations of Guangxi, China (Liao 2016:315-316).

  • Fuping Village 扶平村, Jingde Town 敬德镇, Debao County, Guangxi
    • Tuoxin 驮信村 (ˀba:n55 te:31 θin21 in Pyang Zhuang)
  • Ronghua Township 荣华乡, Debao County, Guangxi
  • Kuixu Township 魁圩乡, Jingxi County, Guangxi


Pyang Zhuang may be closely related to the Nong Zhuang language of Yunnan. Innovations shared between Pyang Zhuang and Nong Zhuang include the following (Liao 2016:316).

  • Proto-Tai *kr-[2] > tɕʰ- (as opposed to *kr- > kʰj- in Yang Zhuang, and *kr- > h- in Southwestern Tai). Examples include tɕʰaːA1-A ‘to seek’ and tɕʰɔkDS1-A ‘six’.
  • hɔkDS1-A ‘to do’ is only found in Pyang Zhuang and Nong Zhuang (as opposed to hatDS1-A ‘to do’ in Yang Zhuang, and hetDS1-A ‘to do’ in Zuojiang Zhuang and Isan).


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