Pyotr Pokryshev

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Pyotr Afanasyevich Pokryshev
Pyotr Pokryshev.png
Born 24 August 1914
Taurida Governorate
Died 22 August 1967
Allegiance  Soviet Union
Service/branch Soviet Naval Aviation
Years of service 1934–1961
Battles/wars Winter War
German-Soviet War
Hero of the Soviet Union Hero of the Soviet Union
Order of Lenin Order of the Red Banner Order of the Red Banner Order of the Red Banner
Order of Alexander Nevsky (USSR) Order of the Patriotic War (1st class) Order redstar rib.png Order redstar rib.png

Pyotr Afanasyevich Pokryshev (Russian: Пётр Афана́сьевич Покры́шев; 24 August 1914–22 August 1967) was an aviation commander of the Soviet Army and veteran ace during the Great Patriotic War, twice Hero of the Soviet Union and recipient of several other awards.[1]

Pyotr Pokryshev graduated from flying school in 1935. He first saw action with the 7 Fighter Aviation Regiment during the Winter War, was shot down twice and claimed two victories in return. By June 1941 he was promoted to a senior lieutenant and given command of 154 Fighter Aviation Regiment, and subsequently scored five more victories in I-16s.[2] From November onward Pokryshev flew the Tomahawk, and under his command, his squadron flew 950 missions and claimed 30 aircraft for the loss of six P-40s.[3]

In January 1943, Pokryshev's unit was issued with Yak-7s. Shortly after, Pokryshev was awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union with the completion of his 282nd mission and the scoring of his 22nd claimed victory during 50 aerial combats. On 24 August, he received his second honorary title and had by then been promoted to major and given command of 159 IAP. Pokryshev has flown 309 mission and fought 77 aerial combats, and claimed 31 individual and 7 shared victories.[4]


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