Qasim II of Astrakhan

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Qasim II khan (died 1532) was a ruler of Astrakhan Khanate in 1532. He was a son of Big Horde's khan Sayed Akhmad, and a grandson of Akhmat, he occupied Xacitarxan throne with the help of Nogays. He was a supporter of centralization policy, he is known to send a letter to Ottoman sultan Süleyman in 1531/1532. He was deposed and killed by Aq Kübek. For uncertainties and additional information see the second part of List of Astrakhan khans.

Qasim II of Astrakhan
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Ghabdelkarim of Astrakhan
Khan of Astrakan
Succeeded by
Aq Kübek