Qingdao TV Tower

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Qingdao TV tower

Qingdao TV Tower is a 232 metres (761 ft) tall lattice television tower with an observation deck situated on the top of 116 metres high Taiping Hill in Julin Hill Park in Qingdao, China.

The tower, which was built in 1994, has a restaurant in a ball-shaped cabinet 130 metres above the ground; under this ball, there is a cylindric cabinet containing a 230 square metres sightseeing platform. In the basement of the tower, there is an Olympic museum, as the 2008 Summer Olympics sailing events took place at Qingdao.

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Coordinates: 36°04′07.81″N 120°21′01.87″E / 36.0688361°N 120.3505194°E / 36.0688361; 120.3505194