Quarter note

A quarter note or crotchet is a note played for one quarter of the duration of a whole note. Musicians will say that a crotchet is one beat, but this is not always correct, as the beat is indicated by the time signature of the music. Quarter notes are notated with a straight, flagless stem; the stem points upwards if it is below the middle line of the stave or downwards if it is on or above the middle line. However, the stem direction may differentiate more than one part; the head of the note reverses its orientation in relation to the stem. In Unicode, the symbol is U+2669. A related value is the quarter rest, it denotes a silence of the same duration as a quarter note. It appears as the symbol, or as the older symbol; the note derives from the semiminima of mensural notation. The word "crotchet" comes from Old French crochet, meaning'little hook', diminutive of croc,'hook', because of the hook used on the note in black notation. However, because the hook appeared on the eighth note in the white notation, the modern French term croche refers to an eighth note.

The quarter note is played for twice that of an eighth note. It is one beat in a bar of 44; the term "quarter note" is a calque of the German term Viertelnote. The names of this note in many other languages are calqued from the same source; the Bulgarian, Croatian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Slovak names mean "quarter" and "quarter's pause". List of musical symbols

Silkstone, Queensland

Silkstone is a suburb in the City of Ipswich, Australia. In the 2016 census, Silkstone had a population of 3,480 people. Bundamba Creek marks the eastern boundary of Silkstone; the Silkstone State School was established in 1882. Bremer State High School opened 26 January 1959 at 73 Blackstone Road. In 2011, the school relocated to a new site at Ipswich. Silkstone State School is a government primary school for girls at Molloy Street. In 2017, the school had an enrolment of 828 students with 64 teachers and 35 non-teaching staff, it includes a special education program. Claremont Special School is a special primary and secondary school for boys and girls at 136a Robertson Road. In 2017, the school had an enrolment of 144 students with 43 non-teaching staff. Media related to Silkstone, Queensland at Wikimedia Commons University of Queensland: Queensland Places: Silkstone

Carstairs House

Carstairs House known as Monteith House, is a country house 1.5 kilometres south-west of Carstairs South Lanarkshire, Scotland. The house is protected as a category A listed building. Carstairs House was designed by the Edinburgh architect William Burn and built for Henry Monteith MP between 1821 and 1823, it passed to his son Robert Monteith, on his death to Joseph Monteith, who built a hydroelectric plant at nearby Jarviswood, the Carstairs House Tramway to transport guests and family to and from Carstairs railway station. It was purchased by Sir James King, the former Lord Provost of Glasgow in 1899. In 1924 Carstairs House was acquired the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Glasgow who had selected it as base for the St Charles' Certified Institution for "mentally defective Catholic children"; the children arrived there in 1925. The institution, staffed by Daughters of Charity of Saint Vincent de Paul, closed in 1983; the house re-opened as a nursing home known as Monteith House in 1986 and, after a temporary closure between 2009 and 2011, re-opened again