Quatre épices

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Biscuit aux quatre épices - cookie seasoned with quatre épices

Quatre épices is a spice mix used mainly in French cuisine, but can also be found in some Middle Eastern kitchens. The name literally means "four spices" in French and is considered the French allspice.[1] The spice mix contains ground pepper (white, black, or both), cloves, nutmeg and dried ginger. Some variations of the mix use allspice instead of pepper or cinnamon in place of ginger.[2]

The blend of spices will typically use a larger proportion of pepper (usually white pepper) than the other spices, but some recipes suggest using roughly equal parts of each spice.

In French cooking, it is typically used in soup, ragout and pot-cooked dishes, vegetable preparations and charcuterie, such as pâté, sausages and terrines.


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