Queen's Square (Belize House constituency)

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Queen's Square
for the Belize House of Representatives
Electorate3,960 (2012)
Major settlementsBelize City (part)
Current constituency
Party     United Democratic Party
Area RepresentativeDean Barrow

Queen's Square is an electoral constituency in the Belize District represented in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belize since 1984 by Dean Barrow of the United Democratic Party. Barrow has served as UDP leader since 1998 and Prime Minister of Belize since 2008.


The Queen's Square constituency was one of 10 new seats created for the 1984 general election, it occupies a southern portion of central Belize City, bordering the Collet, Mesopotamia and Port Loyola constituencies.[1] A UDP stronghold, Queen's Square is the only constituency in the Belize District which has never been won by the People's United Party. Barrow has been the only Area Representative elected from the constituency since its creation.

Area Representatives[edit]

Election Area Representative[2] Party
1984 Dean Barrow UDP


Election Political result Candidate Party Votes % ±%
2012 general election [3]
Electorate: 3,960
Turnout: 2,577 (65.08%) −3.94
UDP hold
Majority: 1,549 (60.11%) +7.54
Dean BarrowUDP2,03979.12+3.02
Anthony Glenford Sylvestre PUP49019.01−4.52
2008 general election [4]
Electorate: 3,977
Turnout: 2,745 (69.02%) −11.76
UDP hold
Majority: 1,443 (52.57%) +41.07
Dean BarrowUDP2,08976.10+20.74
Anthony Sylvestre Jr. PUP64623.53−20.33
Ebony Babb NRTCP100.36-
2003 general election [5]
Electorate: 2,690
Turnout: 2,173 (80.78%) −9.4
UDP hold
Majority: 250 (11.5%) +8.76
Dean BarrowUDP1,20355.36+4.57
Richard Bradley PUP95343.86−4.19
1998 general election [6]
Electorate: 1,904
Turnout: 1,717 (90.18%) +32.61
UDP hold
Majority: 47 (2.74%) −34.46
Dean BarrowUDP87250.79−17.81
Richard Bradley PUP82548.05+16.65
Russell August PDP90.52-
1993 general election [7][8]
Electorate: 2,943
Turnout: 1,694 (57.57%) −1.03
UDP hold
Majority: 630 (37.2%) +7.9
Dean BarrowUDP1,16268.6+4.7
Juliet Soberanis PUP53231.4−3.2
1989 general election [9][10]
Electorate: 2,896
Turnout: 1,697 (58.6%) −7.16
UDP hold
Majority: 497 (29.3%) −4.9
Dean BarrowUDP1,08563.9−2.6
Thomas Greenwood PUP58834.6+2.3
1984 general election [11][12]
Electorate: 2,544
Turnout: 1,673 (65.76%) n/a
UDP win
Majority: 580 (34.2%) n/a
Dean BarrowUDP1,02966.5-
Ralph Fonseca PUP44932.3-


National Assembly of Belize
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