Queen Victoria Pavilion

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Queen Victoria Pavilion
Coordinates17°41′44″N 83°17′33″E / 17.695419°N 83.292637°E / 17.695419; 83.292637Coordinates: 17°41′44″N 83°17′33″E / 17.695419°N 83.292637°E / 17.695419; 83.292637
LocationOne Town, Visakhapatnam, India
Opening date4 May 1904; 115 years ago (1904-05-04)
Dedicated toQueen Victoria

Queen Victoria Pavilion is one of the oldest statue in is located One Town area in Visakhapatnam.[1]


in the year 1900 Zamindar of Share Mohamud Puram and Yambrum Estates Akitam Venkata Jagga Rao visited Britan for his Visit British Government presented this bronze statue to town of Vizagapatam.[2]


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