Queshi Bridge

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Queshi Bridge
Queshi Bridge in Shantou.jpg
Coordinates 23°17′47″N 116°36′17″E / 23.2963°N 116.6046°E / 23.2963; 116.6046Coordinates: 23°17′47″N 116°36′17″E / 23.2963°N 116.6046°E / 23.2963; 116.6046
Carries 6 lanes
Crosses Shantou Harbour on the Rong River
Locale Shantou, Guangdong, China
Design Cable-stayed bridge
Total length 2,402 metres (7,881 ft)[1]
Width 30 metres (98 ft)[1]
Longest span 518 metres (1,699 ft)[1]
Clearance below 38 metres (125 ft)
Opened 12 February 1999
Queshi Bridge is located in Guangdong
Queshi Bridge
Queshi Bridge

The Queshi Bridge (礐石大桥), in Shantou, China, is among the world's longest bridges. Its long span of 518 metres (1,699 ft) ranks it among the largest cable-stayed bridges in the world.

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