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Royale Uccle Sport was a Belgian football club from the municipality of Uccle, Brussels. It was created in 1901 as Uccle Sport and it registered with the Belgian Football Association in 1905 to receive the matricule n°15.


In 1914 the club won the second division and was thus promoted to the first division to take place in 1919 (because of World War I). The club finished 10th (on 12) and then 12th and was back at the top level in 1922–23 for one season. After a long spell at the second level, R. Uccle Sport (as it was then known since 1926) played one more season in the first division in 1947–48. In 1990 the club merged with R. Léopold Uccle Forestoise to become R. Uccle Léopold F.C.