RK Speed

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RK Speed
Full nameRugbyklubben Speed
Founded31 March 1949
LocationKastrup, Copenhagen, Denmark
ChairmanHenning Pihl-Mortensen
Coach(es)Junaire Brown
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RK Speed is a Danish rugby club in Kastrup, Copenhagen on the island of Amager. They are the oldest rugby club in Denmark.


In 1947-48 after the Second World War a group of young Danes, who had served in the British Army learnt the rules of rugby.

They met again in Copenhagen after their return and decided to start a rugby club that would take the name of “Ex-Army”. Their rivals were mainly visiting teams from Great Britain and then the Police Rugby Club, formed in 1948–49 by Eigil Hemmert Lund, who also founded the DRU (Danish Rugby Union).

During the first weeks 1949, the veteran soldiers did not meet as regularly as the previous years, however rugby garnered support from other locals who were interested in continuing playing, so all interested in continuing rugby in Denmark were invited to a meeting on 31st March 1949.

A good mix of people were present that day, new players that wanted to become club members as well as a few of those former soldiers who wanted to keep on playing rugby.

They decided they had to change the clubs name and narrowed it down two options. Since they could not decide, they drew from a hat. That is how RK Speed took its name and was later founded.

The club was established in 1949 and has played senior-level rugby in Denmark since its formation, becoming the oldest Danish club, a day older than the Danish Rugby Union, formed by Eigil Hemmert Lund on 1st April 1949, although it was only officially established in 1950.

RK Speed has been one of the most successful clubs in Danish Rugby ever since.

  • 11 Danish Championships
  • 3 Cup Trophies
  • 1 Nordic Championship

are amongst others, the clubs honours.

Recent Internationally Capped Players[edit]

  • Denmark Oliver Le Roux
  • Denmark Johannes Mackeprang (captain 2015-2018)
  • Denmark Nicklas V Tell (captain 2018-)
  • Denmark Malte Madsen
  • Denmark Christian Fiji Melgaard
  • Denmark Mark Franklin Nielsen
  • Denmark Emil Enna
  • Denmark Kristoffer Vandborg
  • Denmark Dodji Hounou
  • Denmark Gerard Hounou
  • Denmark Victor Hounou
  • Denmark Junaire Brown
  • Denmark Jeppe Holm
  • Denmark Simon Holm
  • Denmark Matias Dinesen
  • Denmark Joakim Nielsen
  • Denmark Ruben Garcia
  • Denmark Esben Thorius
  • Denmark Anders Hagelin
  • Denmark Bradley Diamandis
  • Denmark Alexander Østergaard
  • Denmark Nicolai Stark
  • Denmark Dennis Stark


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