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Radical Party

Radical Party may refer to any of a number of political parties professing the progressive-liberal ideology known as Radicalism: Nonviolent Radical Party Transnational and Transparty In the western Mediterranean European countries, Radicalism was one of the major political movements between 1848 and 1940. Such parties were labelled'Democratic','Radical democratic', or'Radical liberal' parties: In France: Radical Left, parliamentary group of the Independent Radicals. Radical-Socialist Party Radical Party of the Left Radical Movement, merger of the Radical Party and the Radical Party of the Left In Italy: Italian Radical Party Radical Party Italian Radicals Radicals of the Left In Spain, Radicalism took the form of various parties labelled'democratic','progressive','radical' and'republican': the Progressive Party, formed by former participants in the radical Revolution of 1820; the Federal Democratic Republican Party the Democratic Radical Party, successor the Progressive Party. It was refounded in 1880, following splinters, as the Progressive Democratic Party the successor Democratic Party reformed as the Possibilist Democratic Party The Radical-Republican Party, a splinter of the Progressive Democratic Party.

This merged with others to form the Republican Left A second splinter of the Radical-Republican Party formed the Republican Democratic Party and Republican Union In the Dutch-speaking, German-speaking and Nordic countries, the English or French term Radical was represented by terms that translated as'Free-Minded', including: In Switzerland: the original Radical Party, see Regeneration the comparatively left-leaning successor party known as the Radical-Democratic Party and the Free-minded Democratic Party the comparatively right-leaning successor party known as the Radical-Liberal Party, its successor the FDP, whose name translates to the Free-minded and Liberal Party in German and the Radical and Liberal Party in French In Luxembourg: the Liberal League, although predominantly classical liberal rather than Radical, contained a left-wing faction of Radical ideology. The Radical Liberal Party, formed as a merger of the Radical Socialist Party and Radical Party In the Netherlands: the Radical League the Free-minded Democratic League the Political Party of Radicals In Germany, a succession of Radical parties existed: The German Free-minded Party, which split into two successors: the left-leaning Free-minded Union and the centre-leaning the Free-minded People's Party These merged as the Progressive People's Party This was reformed as the German Democratic Party.

In Scandinavia: In Denmark, the current Liberal Party began as a Radical Party, hence its name in Danish. The Radical wing split off from the classical-liberal majority in 1905 to form a new party, known as Radikale Venstre. In Sweden, the Free-minded National Association In Norway, the Free-minded Liberal Party and Free-minded People's Party In Finland, the Young Finns, its successor the National Progressive Party, its successor the Free-minded League In south-eastern Europe, Radicalism was a important political movement: In Bulgaria, the Radical Democratic Party In Greece, the Venizelist splinter from the Liberal Party and the Democratic Party In Romania the Free and Independent Fraction the National Liberal Party the Radical Party, splinter of the former.


Bibbiena is a town and comune in the province of Arezzo, the largest town in the valley of Casentino. It is located 60 kilometres from Florence, 30 kilometres from Arezzo, 60 kilometres from Siena, 20 kilometres from the Sanctuary of La Verna; the town is on top of a hill at an elevation of 425 metres. Bibbiena was an important Etruscan town that evolved into a Medieval castle- portions of which, in the form of the "Torre dei Tarlati" and the "Porta dei Fabbri" still exist. Main sights Palazzo Mazzoleni Palazzo Niccolini Palazzo Dovizi, built by Cardinal Bernardo Dovizi, known as "Bibbiena", He was born in Bibbiena and served as secretary to Cardinal Giovanni de' Medici; the religious buildings include: the church of San Lorenzo, famous for the glazed terracotta reliefs by the Della Robbia school the Pieve di Sant’Ippolito the Rococo Oratorio of San Francesco the Sanctuary of Santa Maria del Sasso, one of the most important Renaissance buildings in the Casentino area. The town holds its yearly "Rievocazione della Mea" festival on the last Sunday of Carnival and Shrove Tuesday as well as a similar celebration in the summer with parades in historical costume and a show in the main square.

Boulazac, since 1989 nessuno Official website

Tarania Clarke

Tarania Caresh Clarke was a Jamaican footballer who played as a midfielder for Waterhouse F. C. and the Jamaica women's national team. She represented Jamaica on the under-17 and under-20 national teams. On 31 October 2019, Clarke was stabbed to death in the Jamaican capital of Kingston, after a dispute over a mobile phone. A woman was arrested for her murder. Clarke graduated from Excelsior High School where she captained the soccer team for three years, she planned to attend Daytona State College in Florida. Clarke represented Jamaica at the 2014 CONCACAF Girls' U-15 Championship, the 2016 CONCACAF Women's U-17 Championship qualification and the 2016 CONCACAF Women's U-17 Championship, she made her senior debut for Jamaica on 30 September 2019. Scores and results list Jamaica's goal tally first On 31 October 2019, Clarke was stabbed to death in the Jamaican capital of Kingston, after a dispute over a mobile phone. A woman was arrested for her murder. Tarania Clarke at Soccerway Jamaica player profile

Grace Got You

"Grace Got You" is a song by American contemporary Christian music band MercyMe from their 2017 album Lifer. The song features guest vocals from American hip hop artist John Reuben, it was released on March 2018, as the second single. The song peaked at No. 3 on the Hot Christian Songs chart. It reached at No. 1 on the Christian Airplay chart, becoming their record extending 15th chart topper. It lasted 37 weeks on the overall chart; the song is played in a B minor key, 87 beats per minute. It was nominated for the 2019 Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song. "Grace Got You" was released on March 2, 2018, as the second single for their ninth studio album Lifer. A lyric video was released on December 20, 2017. In an interview with FreeCCM, lead vocalist Bart Millard revealed the meaning behind the song,"'Grace Got You’ is just a song that makes me smile; the whole idea that once you realize that God’s grace has you… no matter what comes your way, you can live your life as if you’ve read the last page of the book and know how the whole thing turns out.

Our eternity is set! On your worst day, Christ is OK with you, he adores you. He’s pleased with you. How is that possible? No clue, but it is. That’s the most amazing news of all! When we made the album, we wanted to have someone rap, but we didn’t know who we were going to get. Our paths crossed with a guy who used to be on Gotee Records named John Reuben – who we had done stuff early on with when we were all new together – and we asked him if he’d come out of retirement to rap on the song, it turned out so fun, matched the vibe of the song." CD release"Grace Got You" "Grace Got You" "Grace Got You" "Grace Got You" "Grace Got You" "Grace Got You" "Grace Got You" Credits taken from AllMusic. MercyMe Bart Millard – lead vocals Nathan Cochran – bass guitar Barry Graul – guitar Mike Scheuchzer – guitar Robby Shaffer – drums

Station Road Ground

Station Road Ground is a cricket ground located off Station Road in Whalley, Lancashire. The ground is bordered to the north and west by other sports fields, while to the south it is bordered by residential housing and to the east by the Ribble Valley Line and Whalley railway station; the ground was established in five years after the founding of Whalley Cricket Club. The first recorded match on the ground was in 1864. Three years the ground held the only first-class match to be played there, between Lancashire played Yorkshire in what was the first Roses Match. Yorkshire won this first fixture by an innings and 56 runs, with Lancashire's Arthur Appleby taking the first five wicket haul in the match with 6/62 in Yorkshire's first-innings, but he surpassed by Yorkshire's George Freeman who took 7/10 in Lancashire first-innings and 5/41 in their follow-on; the ground is still used by Whalley Cricket Club. List of cricket grounds in England and Wales Station Road at ESPNcricinfo Station Road at CricketArchive

A11 road (Zimbabwe)

A11 Highway is a national road in Zimbabwe running from Harare to Bindura through to Mount Darwin. It is the P1 Road, Zimbabwe primary road number 1; the A11 Highway, popularly known as Mazowe Road by Harare North populace, starts as Sam Nujoma Street from the Harare city centre to the intersection with Lomagundi Road, the A1 Highway to Chinhoyi. After the intersection Mazowe Road continues north through the Northern Subarban Settlements up to Harare Drive where the A11 Highway proper begins. 17°45′06″S 31°01′42″E The highway ends in Mount Darwin, however the route From Mount Darwin extends to Mukumbura 97.8 km north of Mount Darwin as a combination of P1 and, P2 highways. From Mount Darwin to Mukumbura the last 50 km after Dotito is quite trying. Mukumbura is a minor border post between Zimbabwe and Mozambique The Mozambican side is called Mecumbira or Massala; the border posts on each side are separated by the Rio Mikumbura River. The highway passes by the magnificent Mazowe Dam; the dam is a marvellous sight.

17°31′44″S 30°59′23″E This is in the Mazowe area famous for citrus production. A12 Highway. 17°29′58″S 30°58′35″E Glendale. 17°22′03″S 31°04′26″E Bindura Turn-off. Here the Mount Darwin Highway turns left leaving the original course entering Bindura town center. From Bindura this road runs Shamva Road to Shamva about 27 km east where it intersects with the A13 Highway.17°18′15″S 31°19′39″E A11 is tolled at Toll Plaza number: 33 at Mfurudzi the between 112–112.24 km from Bindura. ZINARA Transport in Zimbabwe A12 Highway A13 Highway