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"Radio Campus Paris" is a student radio station in Paris. Created in 1998 as an internet radio station, it established a half-frequency on 93.9 FM in the Paris region in 2004 that it shares with Vivre FM[1], maintaining their online broadcast 24-hours a day. A member of the Radio Campus France network, the station prides itself on youth culture and eclecticism, hosting around 80 different programs in the 2017-18 season[2].


Radio Campus Paris was founded in 1998 with the aim of creating a new alternative media for all students in the Paris region.[3]

In 2003, the station set up its studios at the Maison des Initiatives Étudiantes, in the 3rd arrondissement, broadcasting 24/7 as a strictly web-radio station[4].

The CSA assigned a half-frequency to Radio Campus Paris on the Parisian FM band on September 23rd, 2004, and since then, the station emits from 5.30pm to 5.30am on the 93.9 FM frequency in the paris region[5].

Since June 2014 Radio Campus Paris also broadcasts in Digital Terrestrial Radio on the multiplex 4 in Paris. [6]


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