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Rainbow Magic books
Original title Rainbow Magic Books
Illustrator Georgie Ripper (2003–2006), Orchard Books (2007–present) (UK)
Country United Kingdom & United States
Language English
Genre Children's Literature
Publisher Little Apple
Publication date

Rainbow Magic is a children's fiction brand originally created by Working Partners[1] and now owned by HIT Entertainment and best known for the children's books published by Orchard Books.[2] The books are ghostwritten by a number of authors under the collective pseudonym Daisy Meadows and illustrated by Georgie Ripper in some books and uncredited illustrators including Alison Winfield in the latest books. The series follows the lives of Kirsty Tate and Rachel Walker and their magical adventures with their fairy friends.

Rainbow Magic books by Daisy Meadows were the most-borrowed children's books at libraries in the United Kingdom, and the second-most borrowed books overall at those libraries, for 2010[3] and 2011.[4]

The Rainbow Magic books are issued by Scholastic Inc. in the USA. Some series and individual book titles vary in the Scholastic editions. There are also coloured Rainbow Magic books for younger readers, which are also published by Scholastic.


Main characters[edit]

  • Rachel Walker - friendly, caring and creative. She sometimes feels sorry for Jack Frost because he doesn't have friends and no one loves him.
  • Kirsty Tate - kind and clever, as well as loyal, fun-loving and adventurous. She is light on her feet, quite fast and usually makes up the plans.
  • Jack Frost - ruthless and greedy. He is the King of the Goblins and he always orders them to do things for him.
  • The goblins - they cause tons of mischief and trouble. They used to be small and tiny in the early books, but later on they were changed so they are the size of an average child.
  • Mr. Walker - Rachel Walker's father
  • Mrs. Walker - Rachel Walker's mother
  • Mr. Tate - Kirsty Tate's father
  • Mrs. Tate - Kirsty Tate's mother
  • Queen Titania - gentle and kind, wanting only the best for her subjects. She shows gratefulness towards the girls' help and acts as a mentor to the fairies.
  • King Oberon - noble and fair, usually the one dealing with Jack Frost in person. He seems to be the only person Jack is scared of.
  • Various fairies - friends of Rachel and Kirsty
  • Magical animals/pets


The Rainbow Magic books are written by a number of authors known as the Daisy Meadows story-writing group, which are:

Each title carries a dedication including a "special thanks" indicating the primary author.


This is a list of a few title fairies from the Rainbow Magic series

Rainbow Fairies (1-7)[edit]

  • Ruby the Red Fairy
  • Amber the Orange Fairy
  • Saffron the Yellow Fairy (US title: Sunny the Yellow Fairy)
  • Fern the Green Fairy
  • Sky the Blue Fairy
  • Izzy the Indigo Fairy (US title: Inky the Indigo Fairy
  • Heather the Violet Fairy

Weather Fairies (8-14)[edit]

  • Crystal the Snow Fairy
  • Abigail the Breeze Fairy
  • Pearl the Cloud Fairy
  • Goldie the Sunshine Fairy
  • Evie the Mist Fairy
  • Storm the Lightning Fairy
  • Hayley the Rain Fairy

Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island[edit]

Rainbow Magic: Return to Rainspell Island is a Straight to Video anime movie that was first released in the United Kingdom on 7 May 2010. It is a Japanese-British co-production that was animated by The Answer Studio and produced by Hit Entertainment. It was also released in Japan, the film was only recorded in English as its Japanese release has no Japanese vocal track.


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