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Rainer Maria Schröder, (born January 3, 1951 in Rostock), is a German author of adventure fiction for juveniles, mystery thrillers and historical novels for adults. He also writes under the pseudonym Ashley Carrington and Raymond M. Sheridan.

His books sold more than 6 million copies to date. Rainer Maria Schröder received the Friedrich-Gerstäcker-Preis for his historical novel Abby Lynn - Verbannt ans Ende der Welt in 1988. In 1998 the Federal Agency for Civic Education voted his novel Unter dem Jacarandabaum one of the 100 novels most worth reading of 20th century world literature; the same year he was awarded the 3rd International Eifel-Literaturpreis for Das Geheimnis der weißen Mönche. In 2003 the novel Das Geheimnis des Kartenmachers received both the Literature Award of the Youth Book Jury Moers as well as the distincion "Book of the Month" by the Youth Book committee Göttingen. In 2005 he received the renowned youth book award Buxtehude Bull for the novel Die Lagune der Galeeren.

The works of Rainer Maria Schröder have been translated into more than a dozen languages, among them French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Slovakian, Latvian, Dutch, Japanese and Russian.


Rainer Maria Schröder grew up in East Berlin. Shortly before the construction of the Berlin Wall he fled to West Germany with his family, where they lived in a camp for the first year. Later they moved to Dortmund and Düsseldorf, where Schröder completed his Abitur and studied opera singing. Schröder played the guitar in the rock band Union Jack.

At the request of his father, a former head physician at the Berlin Charité, he also aimed for an academic career. After completing a two-year officer training in the German Air Force he worked as a trainee for the newspaper Rheinische Post. In 1974 he took up Law Studies at the University of Cologne, he also read German Philology, Theatre studies, Film- and Television Studies and wrote texts and articles for different newspapers and the broadcasting station WDR. After the publishing house Franz Schneider Verlag bought his first juvenile novel In die Falle gelaufen in 1975, Schröder dropped out of University.

Subsequently, his novels were published by Franz Schneider Verlag, Stalling and Heyne Verlag, he debuted as a playwright in 1977. Schröder worked as an editor for nine month before he became a full-time author. In 1980 he and his wife Helga took up residence at a farm in the south of Virginia at Smith Mountain Lake.

Rainer M. Schröder is also the author of several non-fiction books on music, such as the biography on the band The Scorpions published by Heyne in 1980. Schröder, who is friends with the band, accompanied them on tours in France, England and California and spent several weeks in the recording studio with them. Schröder likes to travel and collect information for his adventure novels. Today he lives in Palm Coast/Florida and the Bergisches Land in Germany.

His novels are often set in the period between 1100 and 1900 (for example Das Geheimnis des Kartenmachers, Das Vermächtnis des alten Pilgers or Das Kloster der Ketzer). An exception are his novels set in and around World War II, such as Die lange Reise des Jakob Stern. With the two-part Science-Fiction novel Liberty 9 Schröder deviated from his usual genres for the first time. Schröder is also the author of the Kommissar Klicker-series, published as a juvenile book-series and as an audibook-series.


  • 1984 Silbernes Schneider- Buch vom Franz-Schneider Verlag
  • 1988 Friedrich-Gerstäcker-Preis for Abby-Lynn - Verbannt ans Ende der Welt
  • 1993 Goldenes Schneider- Buch from the Franz-Schneider Verlag
  • 1998 3. international Eifel- Literaturpreis for Das Geheimnis der weißen Mönche
  • 1998 Book of the Month - Prize for Mein Feuer brennt im Land der fallenden Wasser from the Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendbücher
  • 1999 JuBu Buch des Monats for Felix Faber - übers Meer und durch die Wildnis
  • 2003 Moerser Jugendbuchpreis for Das Geheimnis des Kartenmachers
  • 2003 Book of the Month - Prize for Das Geheimnis des Kartenmachers from the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendbuch Göttingen
  • 2004 Buxtehuder Bulle for Die Lagune der Galeeren
  • 2016 Spandauer Jugendliteraturpreis für Himmel ohne Sterne


as Rainer M. Schröder[edit]

Book series[edit]

  • Kommissar Klicker (10 volumes)
  • Privatdetektiv Mike McCoy (3 volumes)
  • Unheimliche Gegner (Science-Fiction-juvenile book-series)
    • Unheimliche Gegner der vierten Art – Kampf im UFO - 1978
    • Unheimliche Gegner der fünften Art – Das Andromeda-Rätsel - 1979
    • Unheimliche Gegner der sechsten Art – Die Sternenfalle - 1979
  • Pizzabande (with other authors)
    • Pfeffer für Pistazien-Paule oder Die Extratour – 1986
    • Der Köder mit den sanften Pfoten oder Der Verdacht – 1991
    • Vampire kauen keine Knoblauchzehen oder Der Kapuzenmann – 1993
    • Die geköpfte Göttin oder Raub um Mitternacht – 1994
  • Abby Lynn-Saga
    • Verbannt ans Ende der Welt - 1987
    • Verschollen in der Wildnis - 1993
    • Verraten und verfolgt - 2001
    • Verborgen im Niemandsland - 2004
    • Verlorenes Paradies - 2014
  • Die Falken-Saga
    • Im Zeichen des Falken - 1989
    • Auf der Spur des Falken - 1990
    • Im Banne des Falken - 1991
    • Im Tal des Falken - 1992
  • Felix Faber
    • Die wahrhaftigen Abenteuer des Felix Faber - 1997
    • Felix Faber - Übers Meer und durch die Wildnis - 1998
  • Die Bruderschaft vom Heiligen Gral
    • Der Fall von Akkon -2006
    • Das Amulett der Wüstenkrieger - 2006
    • Das Labyrinth der Schwarzen Abtei – Juli 2007
  • Die Medici-Chroniken
    • Hüter der Macht – Februar 2010
    • Der Pate von Florenz – Juli 2010
    • Das Erbe des Clans – August 2011
  • Liberty 9
    • Liberty 9 - Sicherheitszone: Volume 1 of The Liberty 9 Series (English: Liberty 9 - security zone, Publisher cbj- 2012)[1]
    • Liberty 9 - Todeszone - 2013
  • Pater Angelico-Trilogie
    • Die Farben von Florenz: Pater Angelicos erster Fall - 2012
    • Der Todesengel von Florenz: Pater Angelicos neuer Fall - 2013
    • Die Blutmesse von Florenz: Pater Angelicos neuer Fall - 2014

Individual works[edit]

Pseudonym Ashley Carrington[edit]

Book series[edit]

  • Jessica-Reihe
    • Jessica oder Die Irrwege der Liebe - 1984
    • Jessica oder Das Ziel aller Sehnsucht - 1987
    • Jessica oder in der Ferne lockt das Glück - 1987
    • Jessica oder was bleibt, ist die Hoffnung - 1988
    • Jessica oder die Insel der verlorenen Liebe - 1989
    • Jessica oder die Sehnsucht im Morgenrot - 1989
    • Jessica oder unter dem Kreuz des Südens - 1990
    • Jessica oder im Sturmwind der Leidenschaft - 1990
    • Jessica oder Alles Glück hat seinen Preis - 1992
    • Jessica oder Die Liebe endet nie - 1992
  • Valerie-Reihe
    • Valerie, Erbin von Cotton Fields - 1987
    • Valerie, Herrin auf Cotton Fields - 1987
    • Valerie - Wolken über Cotton Fields - 1989
    • Valerie - gefangen auf Cotton Fields - 1989
    • Valerie - Flammen über Cotton Fields - 1990
    • Valerie - Rückkehr nach Cotton Fields - 1991

Individual works[edit]

  • Hickory Hill - Das Vermächtnis der Alice Shadwell - 1990
  • Fluß der Träume - 1990
  • Belmont Park - 1991
  • Die Herren der Küste - 1992
  • Die Gefangene der Sonneninsel und andere Geschichten - 1992
  • Küste der Verheißung - 1993
  • Verlockendes Land - 1993
  • Blut und Diamanten - 1994 (2007 New edition Im Rausch der Diamanten as Rainer M. Schröder)
  • Jahreszeiten der Liebe - 1994
  • Der Sohn des Muschelhändlers - 1995
  • Die Rose von Kimberley - 1996
  • Unter dem Jacarandabaum - 1997


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  • Tage der Finsternis, Goya libre, Hamburg 2009, ISBN 978-3-8337-2479-4


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