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John Agitation

Ramdeen Ramjattan, known as John Agitation, was a Trinidadian comedian and storyteller. He was a graduate of the Progressive Educational Institute and served in the Trinidad and Tobago Civil Service, he was the first comedian in the Commonwealth of Nations to win an election. In 1951, at 24, Ramdeen was introduced to the Trinbagonian national audience by Landy de Montbrun, a leading local comic at the time, he told a joke nervous that he was crossing the boundary of taste. But the crowd was elated. "They were happy to see a fella," Agitation remarked. From there, Agitation became a regular on Radio Trinidad the Horace James Comedy Hour, Sunday Serenade and the Aunty Kay Children's Show; the latter was sponsored by Bermudez Biscuit Company Limited for decades. He performed in many venues in Trinidad and Tobago as the headline performer to sold-out shows. Throughout his life he was an avid hunter, as his home was in the rural, still-forested area of Cumuto, with a large population of agouti and brocket deer.

He farmed oranges, tangelos and grapefruit on his 10-acre estate. He was the first candidate to run on a United National Congress ticket: he contested and won a 1989 by-election in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation for the Guaico-Cumuto district, thus becoming the first comedian in the Commonwealth of Nations to win an election. Agi, as he was known in Trinbago, lived on his public service pension, but still performed until his death in 2018. In 2003, Ramdeen "John Agitation" Ramjattan was awarded the Hummingbird Medal by the government of Trinidad and Tobago, for his more than five-decade-long work to preserve Trinbagonian and Caribbean folklore via comedic storytelling. ChutneyZone Artiste's Profiles

Silver Edition

Silver Edition is a limited edition 10-disc CD box set released by Klaus Schulze in 1993 containing new studio material in addition to unreleased archival recordings. This set was wholly included in Schulze's 50-disc CD box set The Ultimate Edition released in 2000. Since 2009, tracks from this set are being reissued as La Vie Electronique, a series of 3-disc CD sets releasing all the material of The Ultimate Edition in chronological order. All tracks composed by Klaus Schulze. Disc 1: Film Musik Disc 2: Narren des Schicksals Disc 3: Was War Vor der Zeit Disc 4: Sense of Beauty Disc 5: Picasso Geht Spazieren Disc 6: Picasso Geht Spazieren Disc 7: The Music Box Disc 8: Machine de Plaisir Disc 9: Life in Ecstasy Disc 10: Mysterious Tapes Historic Edition Jubilee Edition Contemporary Works I Contemporary Works II Silver Edition at the official site of Klaus Schulze Silver Edition at Discogs

Wichita State Shockers football

The Wichita State Shockers football team was the NCAA Division I football program of Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. The Shockers fielded a team from 1897 to 1986, they played their home games at Cessna Stadium and were members of the Missouri Valley Conference until the program was discontinued. The team was known as Fairmount from its first season in 1897 to 1925 and Wichita from 1926 through 1963; the first official football game played by Wichita State was in 1897, when they were known as Fairmount, under the coaching of T. H. Morrison. Fairmount defeated Wichita High School, now known as Wichita East, by a score of 12–4 in the only game played that year. In the 1905 season, the Coleman Company set up temporary gas-powered lighting for a night game against Cooper College, it was the first night football game played west of the Mississippi River. Fairmount won the game 24–0. On December 25, 1905, Fairmount played a game against the Washburn Ichabods using a set of experimental rules.

The game was officiated by Washburn head coach John H. Outland; the experiment was considered a failure. Outland commented, "It seems to me that the distance required in three downs would eliminate touchdowns, except through fakes or flukes." The Los Angeles Times reported that there was much kicking and that the game was considered much safer than regular play, but that the new rule was not "conducive to the sport."In his history of the sport of football, David M. Nelson concluded that "the first forward passes were thrown at the end of the 1905 season in a game between Fairmount and Washburn colleges in Kansas." According to Nelson, Washburn completed three passes, Fairmount completed two. On October 2, 1970, a plane crashed, carrying about half of the football team on their way to play a game against Utah State University. 31 people were killed. The game was canceled, the Utah State football team held a memorial service at the stadium where the game was to have been played; when Willie Jeffries became Wichita State’s head coach in 1979, he became the first African-American head coach of a Division I-A football program.

Former T. C. Williams High School football coach Herman Boone, whose hiring was featured in the film Remember the Titans, compared Jeffries’s hiring to that of Jackie Robinson signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. On December 2, 1986, Wichita State President Warren Armstrong announced that the university would no longer sponsor football due to the financial strain the program places on the university. On May 16, 2009 the Wichita State University alumni association held an all football players reunion at Cessna Stadium. In 1992, a study was done on Cessna Stadium to comply with I-A football standards, it was shown. In 1997, the cost was cited at $11 million to restart the football program and three other women's sports. In 1998, an advisory committee at Wichita State recommended reinstating the football program at Wichita State after a 15-month study for $70,000. In 2006, Wichita Mayor Carlos Mayans proposed to use public funds to restart the football program at Wichita State, he would subsequently drop the plan weeks later.

In 2012, an attempt was made to begin a club-level football team at Wichita State with hopes of reviving the football program, though no official endorsement was given by the university. Wichita State's 2017 move to the American Athletic Conference leaves it as the only full member of the conference which does not play football. However, the American has 12 football-playing schools, as Navy is an associate member for football only. In 2020, the American will have 11 football-playing schools, after UConn leaves to become a full member of the Big East and independent in football. Wichita State won fourteen conference titles; the records below only includes games while a member of the conference and does not include games against teams listed below considered non-conference games. The Shockers had an 0 -- 3 record. Longest field goal – Joe Williams 67 yards vs Southern Illinois October 21, 1978 Ackerman Island.

Nam Shan Estate

Nam Shan Estate is a public housing estate in Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong, located near Tai Hang Tung Estate, Tai Hang Sai Estate, Yau Yat Tsuen and City University of Hong Kong. The estate is located at Shek Kip Mei and was called "Kowloon Tsai", it comprises 8 residential blocks built in 1977. The apartments are self-contained units with private toilet facilities. Nam Shan Estate is located at the former squatter area of Shek Kip Mei; the estate was built for the rehousing of residents affected by the redevelopment of the Tai Hang Tung estate after the fire at the squatter area of the old Tai Hang Tung estate. Its construction began in 1975 and started intake in 1977. Nam Shan Estate Market Nam Shan Shopping Centre Nam Shan Estate Multi-storey car park Nam Shan General Out-patient Clinic Nam Shan District Kai-Fong Welfare Association Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Nam Shan Supported Hostel As time passes by, changes occur in the historic estate. Yet, due to the wide age range of residents, Nam Shan Estate stays a mixed culture of past and now.

Old Hong Kong fashion restaurants have been selling local cart noodle since the 1970s. Local toppings, such as pig skin, Chinese fish balls are offered over eras. Ice cream vendors began selling ice-cream in carts in Nam Shan Estate since many years ago and until now. Traditional iced-pineapple could be found from these vendors. At night, hawkers with food carts will gather in Nam Shan Estate selling local food. Food carts are one of the unique food cultures in Hong Kong. Hawkers would sell them upon order. Freshly made Egg waffles could be found in areas of Nam Shan Estate and is popular among the neighbourhood Solely produced squid sticks and barbecue meat which are made with local recipes are available. Traditional Chinese dim sum are soldi at mid-night in Nam Shan Estate. Traditional Chinese restaurants could be found in Nam Shan Estate, providing low-priced local food to the neighbourhood. Nam Shan Estate has a nickname called ‘City University’s canteen’ since the old estate is close to the University, within 10 minutes on feet and many students dine there.

The amount of snack stores is one of the reasons why Nam Shan Estate got its nickname. Nam Shan Estate is one of the places where students of City University of Hong Kong purchase stationery for academic purpose since there are few stationery shops available within the area. In 2012, due to the construction work City University of Hong Kong is having, in order to relieve the overpopulation problem, City University of Hong Kong rent about half of the parking lot in Nam Shan Estate, reconstructed the top four floors as academic classrooms and remain running of carpark on the lowest four floors. Before renting the parking lot to City University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Housing Authority has consulted and received the approval from the Sham Shui Po District Council and Nam Shan Estate Committee; the Town Planning Board has authorized the alternation of the parking lot, the area for academic use and related facilities is 3900 square meter. Total 260 parking space has been reserved and is claimed that it is sufficient to satisfy the daily consumption.

The parking lot in Nam Shan Estate is famous for the scaring ghost story. In the early 1990s, Hong Kong newspaper once recorded the incident in Nam Shan Estate parking lot, well known. While patrolling, the guard heard the voice of pounding in one of the car in the corner. Without seeing any human being, he called the police and when the police arrived, the pounding voice was still exist; the police scream to the car and said “If you are trap inside the truck, please knock the truck for three times so we can save you.” There was three pounding sounds. The police soon opened; this is famous for the ghosting myth in the parking lot. This story was adopted in the movie “Love and puff”, it is reported that there were several raping incidents and murder cases which happened in the parking lot during the 1980s. Nam Shan Estate is located near the exit B2 of Shek Kip Mei MTR station and could be reached within 10 minutes walk. Public housing estates in Shek Kip Mei

Camilla Filippi

Camilla Filippi is an Italian film and television actress. Born in Brescia, Filippi started her career, when she was a teenager, appearing in a series of Barilla commercials, she made her acting debut in 1998, appearing in the television miniseries Costanza alongside Monica Guerritore. In 2001, she made her film debut in the low-budget horror The House of Chicken. A visual artist, she held several exhibitions, notably at the 2015 Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto. Filippi is married to the film director Lucio Pellegrini, she suffered from bulimia nervosa for about twenty years. Compagni di scuola Kiss Me First Now or Never The Best of Youth The Life That I Want Amatemi Le ragazze di San Frediano Hayfever Unlikely Revolutionaries One Day More The Perfect Life Love Is Not Perfect Viva l'Italia Good for Nothing Banana Deep in the Wood Camilla Filippi on Instagram Camilla Filippi on IMDb