Raised Fist

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Raised Fist
Raised Fist 01 by notwist.jpg
Live at Sticky Fingers
Background information
Also known as RF
Origin Luleå, Norrbotten, Sweden
Genres Hardcore punk, crust punk
Years active 1993–present
Labels Burning Heart/Epitaph
Associated acts Dark Funeral, Defleshed
Website www.raisedfist.com
Members Jimmy Tikkanen
Daniel Holmgren
Andreas Johansson
Alexander Hagman
Matte Modin
Past members See members section

Raised Fist is a Swedish hardcore punk band formed in 1993 in Luleå. It currently consists of guitarists Jimmy Tikkanen and Daniel Holmgren, bassist Andreas Johansson, vocalist Alexander Hagman and drummer Matte Modin (formerly of Dark Funeral).


Raised Fist was formed in 1993 in the Swedish city Luleå, with Alexander Hagman as the lead singer.[1] The name "Raised Fist" came refers to the Rage Against the Machine song "Know Your Enemy", which include the lyrics: "Born with an insight and a raised fist..."

The band played at the Scandinavian Roskilde Festival in 2004. At one time they were signed to Burning Heart Records, which houses a number of Swedish punk rock and hardcore punk bands.

In 2010 Hagman received a serious electrical shock during a concert in Sundsvall when he touched a power cable which had been punctured by a riot fence. He collapsed on the stage.[2]

The band's album "Veil Of Ignorance", released in 2009, placed on the Swedish charts[3] and was nominated for a Swedish Grammy Award.[4] Many of the songs on this album were written by Hagman.

In 2013 Raised Fist signed a two-album contract with Epitaph Records. In 2015, after working on the songs for five years, Raised Fist released an album From the North.[5]


Vocalist Alexander appeared in an interview on Swedish television TV4 where he criticizes the EU Directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights in EU countries.[6]




Studio albums[edit]

Year Album Peak positions Certification
1998 Fuel  –
2000 Ignoring the Guidelines  –
2002 Dedication  –
2006 Sound of the Republic[8]  –
2009 Veil of Ignorance[9] 22
2015 From the North 6




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