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Rajeshwar Prasad (born 21 September 1968) is Ex-Officio Cabinet Minister and Special Advisor to the Prime Minister, Republic of Guinea-Bissau.[1] He is also the CEO of RAK Sovereign Holding LLC, a royal family investment holding conglomerate [2][3] and Director of Idein Ventures PLC.[4]

Life and career[edit]

Rajeshwar is a technopreneur [5] with management or investment experience in multiple companies since 1988.[6] He is involved in businesses of retail stores across UAE;[7][8][9] jute, minerals, power projects in India;[10][11] agriculture across Africa and Middle East;[12][13][14] startup investments globally;[15] and other investments in billion dirham companies.[16][17]

Rajeshwar Prasad is also on the board of a number of companies in India, Middle East, Africa and other locations globally. Bangalore based virtual reality startup Infurnia is one of his investments.[18][19] In August 2016 he visited Tirupati, India on business and personal matters as covered by major regional newspapers.[20]

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