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Ram Gopal (born 1925)[1] is an Indian writer and historian.[2][3]


His biography of Lokmanya Tilak was considered by the press as 'an admirable history and authoritative and standard work'. Reviewing it The Times said: "it is extremely well done". His Indian Muslims – A Political History (1858–1947) also brought him high praises. Rushbrooke-williams said reviewing it in International Affairs: "The author has taken the greatest possible pains to maintain impartiality, and his book is the product of much industrious research and is exceedingly well written".

He was also author of several books on civics and politics. For some time he did research for the Union Ministry of Education in the Board of the History of the Indian Freedom Movement.

He was arrested in connection with the (August 1942) "Quit India" Movement and detained in Lucknow Central Jail.[4] He worked in editorial position in prominent English language newspaper published from allahbad in UP during his initial career. He was Member of Uttar Pradesh Legislative council .



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