Ramon Papa Street

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Ramon Papa Street
Length 0.3 km (0.2 mi)
Location City of Manila
From Rizal Avenue in Santa Cruz
To Cecilio Namie Street in Maypajo

Ramon Papa Street, also known as R. Papa Street, is a short street in Tondo, Manila, Philippines located in barrio Obrero close to the city's northern border with Caloocan. It runs east-west from Rizal Avenue by its namesake LRT station at the district's border with Santa Cruz to Cecilio Namie Street by its border with Maypajo, Caloocan. The street was constructed in the 1950s as part of the city's rebuilding and expansion plan after World War II. It is primarily a quiet residential street close to the main gates of the Manila Chinese Cemetery and La Loma Cemetery.


The street was named after Ramon Papa, a prominent doctor and soldier from Manila during the American colonial period. He was elected to the Manila City Council in 1912.[1] Papa also served as a member of the Philippine Independence Mission sent by President Manuel Luis Quezon to Washington, D.C. and his concern on the health of Filipinos lead him to build the first public toilets and baths all over the city. In his honor, the Manila government named the street (and by extension the LRT station) after him. His daughter, Carmen Arevalo Papa-Delgado, was the queen of the Manila Carnival in 1925.[2]


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Coordinates: 14°38′10″N 120°58′52″E / 14.63611°N 120.98111°E / 14.63611; 120.98111