Rampart Range

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Rampart Range
Spruce Mtn Open Space 02 PANO Rampart Range.jpg
Rampart Range seen from Windy Point atop Spruce Mountain
Highest point
Peak Devils Head
Coordinates 39°15′37″N 105°06′07″W / 39.26028°N 105.10194°W / 39.26028; -105.10194Coordinates: 39°15′37″N 105°06′07″W / 39.26028°N 105.10194°W / 39.26028; -105.10194
Rampart Range is located in Colorado
Rampart Range
Rampart Range
Country United States
State Colorado
County Douglas, El Paso and Teller
Parent range Front Range, Rocky Mountains

The Rampart Range is a mountain range located in Douglas, El Paso, and Teller counties, Colorado.[1] It is part of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The range is almost entirely public land within the Pike National Forest.

Devils Head, the highest peak in the range, reaches 9,632 ft. (2936m).[2] It is located at N 39.260268 and W -105.1011. It is used for recreational purposes.[3]


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