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Randy Sharp is an American, three time Grammy Award winning singer/songwriter, guitarist and producer. He has major success in many genre of music with his greatest successes in Pop, Country, and Alternative. He has composed for film and television as well. Over the past 40 years Sharp has been signed as an artist to major record labels as well as producing in the Pop, Alternative and Country genres. His songs have been recorded by artists including Linda Ronstadt, Art Garfunkel, Blood Sweat and Tears, Delaney Bramlett, Glen Campbell, Exile, Anne Murray, Restless Heart, Reba McEntire, Alabama, The Oak Ridge Boys, Holly Dunn, Tanya Tucker, Edgar Winter, Clay Walker, Kathy Mattea, The Dixie Chicks"A Home" Kenny Rogers "Dream of The San Joaquin" and Emmylou Harris' "The Connection" as well as his daughter, singer-songwriter-artist Maia Sharp.

As a writer Sharp's publishing associations have been Gee Sharp Music/Albert Hall Music in the 1970s, Warner Brothers Music Publishing in the 1980s and his own With Any Luck Music which he opened in 1988 which became part of Wind Swept Pacificin 1995. As an artist he has been signed to major label contracts including RCA Equinox Records, Mercury Records and Nautilus Records. He was given the honor of recording a direct to disc project. That project included Pop/Rock legendary bands such as Toto, backing him for the live studio limited release recording, which he produced with Doug Gilmore.

In the 1990s, Sharp contributed to the Speechless movie soundtrack as well as Follow That Bird soundtrack in the 1980s for which he won a Grammy Award. His production credits include Exile's Still Standing and Justice albums for Arista Records, Maia Sharp's debut album Hardly Glamour as well as her self-titled follow up album Maia Sharp. He also produced his own duet album for Mercury Records with Karen Brooks entitled The Search Goes On.

Currently he has repurchased some of the With Any Luck Music/Randy Sharp Music Publishing titles, and is well on his way to building With Any Luck Music Publishing and Randy Sharp Music Publishing boasting of more than 700 songs to their credit.

Most recently[when?] he has written and produced in his Los Angeles Kaweah Recording Studios and for his With Any Luck Music Publishing/Randy Sharp Music Publishing. Randy and Dave Kinnoin have just released a children's album entitled "Calling All The Elephants" which has received wonderful reviews from John Wood and a First All Star Endorsement from Kids First Music.[1][2]


  1. “Enormously Inconvenient”
  2. “It’s Good To Love Somebody”
  3. “I’ll Be Me”
  1. “Burn Day”
  2. “A Home”
  3. “New Way Out”
  4. “Ridin’ On The Night Train”
  5. “Or So The Heart Remembers”
  6. “Old Time Sake”
  7. “Dreams Of The San Joaquin”
  1. “No You In We”
  2. “Mr. Sorry”
  3. “Give It Back”
  4. “Before I Fall”
  1. “I See Cecilia”
  1. “To Know Your Love Again”
  1. “How’s That Working For Ya’?”
  1. “I Dare You”
  1. “No Matter How Small”
  2. “Any Other Kid”
  1. “Any Other Kid”
  2. “No Matter How Small”
  1. “The Connection”
  1. “A New Kind Of Blues”
  2. “Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Lose”
  3. “P.O. Box 32789”
  4. “I Got The Time”
  1. “Surprise, Surprise”
  2. “I Guess I Showed Them”
  1. “Some Walls”
  1. “Sleeping Song”
  1. “A Home”
  1. “The Kindest Thing”
  2. “Save Me A Place In Your Heart”
  1. “A Home”
  1. “Some Walls”
  2. “Good Thing”
  3. “If You Have To Ask”
  4. “The Connection”
  5. “Dreams Of The San Joaquin”
  6. “Queen Of Indecision”
  7. “Or So The Heart Remembers”
  8. “Pretending”
  9. “New Way Out”
  10. “Burn Day”
  11. “The Search Goes On”
  1. “Some Walls”
  1. “The Connection”
  1. “Crimes Of The Witness”
  2. “Ghosts”
  1. “Guns of Love”
  • Hope Chest, EPIC (2002)
  1. “Bad Habits”
  1. “Free”
  1. “For Me To Know”
  1. “Prove You Wrong”
  1. “Prove That By Me”
  1. “Didn’t Have To Say It Out Loud”
  1. “Dreams Of The San Joaquin”
  1. “The Connection”
  1. “Some Walls”
  1. “Don’t Make Me Say It”
  2. “Morpheus”
  3. “Louise, Louise”
  4. “Old Ones”
  5. “Guns Of Love”
  1. “Prove That By Me”
  1. “Dreams of the San Joaquin”
  1. “Dreams of the San Joaquin”
  1. “Then What”
  1. “Only Way of Knowing”
  2. “Good Thing”
  3. “Solitaire”
  4. “This Could Be Love”
  1. “Sanctuary”
  1. “She Can’t Love You”
  1. “Love Will Have Its Way”
  • No Regrets, Sony (1995)
  1. “I Didn’t Mean To Love You”
  1. “Some How She Knows”
  1. “L-O-V-E- Spells Trouble”
  1. “When I Find You”
  • No Album Listed, Arista (1995)
  1. “Kiss By Kiss”
  • Soundtrack ”Speachless”, No Label listed (1995)
  1. “The Loneliest”
  1. “The Loneliest”
  1. “Guns Of Love”
  1. “Nobody Dies From A Broken Heart”
  1. “Some Walls”
  1. “Some Walls”
  • You’ve Got Me Now, unknown (1995)
  1. “The Only Explanation “
  1. “Everything That You Want”
  1. “The Cheap Seats”
  1. “You Will”
  1. “The Cheap Seats”
  1. “The Search Goes On”
  2. “If You Don’t Really Love Her”
  3. “You Can Always Count On Me”
  4. “That’s Another Story”
  5. “It’s Not All Over”
  6. “All I Need”
  1. “The Only Explanation”
  1. “A Simple I Love You”
  1. “Unconditional Love”
  1. “Roots And Wings”
  2. “Don’t Tell Me Where Your Heart Has Been”
  3. “Time And Distance”
  1. “Even Now”
  2. “One Too Many Times”
  3. “One More Reason”
  4. “Dreams Die Hard”
  5. “What You See”
  6. “For You For Me Forever”
  7. “Shot In The Dark”
  8. “Somebody’s Telling Her Lies”
  9. “All In Good Time”
  10. “If There’s Any Justice”
  1. “A Little Common Kindness”
  1. “ Simple I Love You”
  1. “Guns of Love”
  1. “Time And Distance”
  2. “Everything That You Want”
  1. “Roots And Wings”
  1. “One Honest Tear”
  1. “You Will”
  2. “New Way Out”
  3. “The Final Say”
  1. “If That’s What You’re Thinking”
  1. “Easy For You To Say”
  1. “Yet”
  2. “Nobody’s Talking”
  3. “Bad Blood”
  4. “Still Standing”
  5. “There You Go”
  6. “Don’t Hang Up”
  7. “Show Me”
  8. “For You”
  1. “A Tender Lie”
  1. “New Way Out”
  1. “Riding on the Night Train”
  1. “Nobody’s Angel”
  1. “A Tender Lie”
  1. “I’m So Blue”
  1. “The Week End”
  1. “New Way Out”
  1. “Staring Down The Demons”
  1. “Why Does It Have To Be”
  1. “She’s Coming Home”
  1. “Too Bad For Love”
  2. “Nobody’s Angel”
  1. “A Little Common Kindness”
  2. “Give It Up”
  3. “A Simple I Love You”
  1. “Once You’ve Had It”
  1. “Come To Me”
  2. “A Little Good News”
  1. “Come To Me”
  1. “New Way Out”
  2. “Walk On”
  3. “If That’s What You’re Thinking”
  1. “It’s Not All Over”
  2. “Come Back To Me”
  3. “Change Of Heart”
  1. “Take That Girl Away”
  1. “It’s Not All Over”
  2. “Just About Love”
  3. “Take Your Love Away”
  4. “Could It Be Love”
  1. “Could It Be Love”
  1. “I Just Want To Love You”
  1. “Rita’s Letter”
  1. “Could It Be Love”
  1. “Take Your Love Away”
  1. “First In Line”
  2. “Making A Come Back”
  1. “Banjo Man”
  2. “The Womanizer”
  3. “Begin Without Me”
  4. “For Old Time Sake”
  5. “You Were The Light”
  6. “Who You Gonna Blame It On”
  7. “First In Line”
  1. “Banjo Man”
  1. “Take Your Love Away”
  1. “Take Your Love Away”
  1. “Take Your Love Away”
  • I Want To Dance, Unknown(1977)
  1. “Cook It Up”
  1. “The Womanizer”
  1. “For Old Time Sake”
  2. “Who You Gonna Blame It On”
  3. “You Were The Light”
  1. “Do We Really Have To Dance”
  2. “Rambling Song”
  3. “Travelin”
  4. “A Young Girl”
  5. “We Don’t Worry Bout Tomorrow”
  6. “Let Your Business Go”
  7. “You Can Count On Me”
  • Sandy Burnette, Unknown(1973)
  1. “Take You Love Away”
  1. “Young Girl”
  • First In Line, Self-Produced(1973)
  1. “First In Line”
  2. “Helpless”
  3. “Mamma Get Ready”
  4. “Keep Your Distance”
  5. “Do We Really Have To Dance”
  6. “Rosalinda”
  7. “Just About Love”
  8. “Novocain Lover”
  9. “Blue Berry Pie Stains”
  10. “A Night With A Friend”
  11. “Country Song”



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