Rang Mahal (Red Fort)

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Coordinates: 28°39′20″N 77°14′37″E / 28.655671°N 77.243544°E / 28.655671; 77.243544

The Rang Mahal in the Red Fort (2008)
Drawing of the Rang Mahal in the early 1850s, by Ghulam Ali Khan

The Rang Mahal or Palace of Colour is located in the Red Fort, Delhi.

It originally served as a part of the imperial harem and was known as the Palace of Distinction (Imtiyaz Mahal) during the rule of Shah Jahan. After the British occupied the fort in 1857, Rang Mahal was used as a mess hall for a brief time.[1]

The building's interior was once richly painted and decorated. Some apartments of this building are called Shish Mahal due to tiny pieces of mirrors that cover the ceilings.[2]

Through the center of the marble palace, a shallow canal called the Stream of Paradise (Nahr-i-Bihist) flowed into a marble basin carved into the floor. Under the Rang Mahal was a basement (tehkhana), which women would use on hot summer days.



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