Rani no Hajiro

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Rani no Hajiro
Tombs of Queens of Ahmed Shah (Rani Ka Ghar).jpg
Tombs of Queens of Ahmed Shah I
Rani no Hajiro is located in Gujarat
Rani no Hajiro
Location in Gujarat, India
Basic information
LocationManek Chowk, Ahmedabad
Geographic coordinates23°01′26″N 72°35′21″E / 23.0237592°N 72.5890972°E / 23.0237592; 72.5890972Coordinates: 23°01′26″N 72°35′21″E / 23.0237592°N 72.5890972°E / 23.0237592; 72.5890972
MunicipalityAhmedabad Municipal Corporation
Heritage designationMonument of National Importance
ASI Monument No. N-GJ-8
Architectural description
Architectural typeMosque and tomb
Architectural styleIndo-Islamic architecture
Completedc. 1440

Rani no Hajiro, also known as Mughalai Bibi's Tomb or Tombs of Ahmed Shah's Queens, is a tomb complex near Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad, India.

History and architecture[edit]

Tombs of Queens of Ahmed Shah I in 1866

Rani no Hajiro is located near Manek Chowk on east of the Ahmed Shah's Tomb. The enclosure is high above the ground entered by a lofty gateway and the courtyard surrounded by a trellised cloister. The walls of cloister are fitted with carved stone screens. The square open enclosure of 36.58 meters side is probably built in 1445. The courtyard contains eight marble tombs of queens of Ahmed Shah I and other Gujarat Sultanate rulers. They are elaborately carved and inlaid with work of mother-of-pearl and metal.

The principal tomb belongs to Mughalai Bibi, the wife of Muhammad Shah II and mother of Mahmud Begada. It is richly carved in white marble, and girt with a Persian inscription in minute relief. An adjacent tomb in black marble, once inlaid with mother-of-pearl, belongs to Mirki or Murki Bibi, the wife of Shah e Alam, the sister of queen and the daughter of Jam of Sindh. These tombs are covered with rich brocade works, the textile style developed during reign of Ahmed Shah I. The intricate stone tracery and carving is an amalgamation of Hindu, Jain, and Islamic architectural styles. Some Muslim families live inside complex which take care of the tombs.[1][2][3]

Siesta in Rani no Hajiro


The area surrounding the complex is now a market for women's clothing, jewellery and accessories. Best Traditional Garba clothes are also sold there. Many types of mouth freshners, Mukhwas, stalls are nearby.[3]


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