Raphael Meir Panigel

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Raphael Meir Panigel
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Raphael Meir Panigel
Position Chief Rabbi of Israel
Began 1880
Ended 1893
Predecessor Avraham Ashkenazi
Successor Yaakov Shaul Elyashar
Personal details
Born 1804
Pazardzhik, Ottoman Bulgaria
Died 2 January 1893(1893-01-02) (aged 88–89)
Jerusalem, Ottoman Empire
קבר הרב רפאל מאיר פאניז'ל, הראשון לציון, בהר הזיתים

Raphael Meir ben Yehuda Panigel (1804–1893) was the Sephardi chief rabbi of Jerusalem, Palestine.

Panigel was born in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria, but his family emigated to the Land of Israel when he was a child. In 1828 and in 1863, he was an emissary on behalf of Jerusalem to the countries of North Africa, remaining there on both occasions for several years. In 1845 he travelled to Italy as an emissary of Hebron and was received with great respect at the Vatican by Pope Gregory XVI. In 1880 he became rishon le-Zion, and in 1890 the Ottoman authorities appointed him hacham bashi (head of the Jewish community of Palestine). He was held in great esteem by all communities and authorities. He authored Lev Marpe (1887), talmudic novellae, responsa, and homilies.[1] His son-in-law, Yaakov Shaul Elyashar, later succeeded him.


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Jewish titles
Preceded by
Abraham Ashkenazi
Rishon le-Zion
Raphael Meir Panigel

Succeeded by
Jacob Saul Elyashar