Rashid Tali’a

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Rashid Tali'a
Rashid Tali’a portrait.jpg
1st Prime Minister of Transjordan
In office
11 April 1921 – 5 August 1921
Monarch King Abdullah I
Preceded by office established
Succeeded by Mazhar Raslan
Personal details
Born Rashid Ali Hussein Nassif Tali'a
1877 (1877)
Died September 1926 (aged 48–49)
Political party Independent

Rashid Tali'a (Arabic: رشيد طليع‎, 1877 – September 1926)[1] was a Jordanian politician of Lebanese descent. He was the first prime minister of Transjordan from April 11, 1921 to August 5, 1921.

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