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Goddess of Night
MantraRatri Suktam of Rigveda
Personal information
SiblingsUshas,Nindra, Chandra
Greek equivalentNyx
Roman equivalentNox

Ratri, is a vedic goddess mostly associated with night. The majority of references to Ratri are found in Rigveda and is associated with Ushas. Together with Ushas she is referred to as a powerful mother and strengthener of vital power, she represents cyclic rhythmic patterns of the cosmos. Her physical appearance isn't explicitly mentioned but she is described as a beautiful maiden.[1]

One hymn in Rigveda and five in Atharvaveda are dedicated to her. In later Tantric texts she occupies an important position, she is associated with Ushas, Indra, Rta, Satya in Rigveda, whereas in Atharvaveda she is associated with Surya. The Brahmanas and the Sutra literature mention Ratri again and again.[2]


The goddess Ratri is a minor character in Roger Zelazny's science fiction novel Lord of Light, who encounters and aids the protagonist in his battle against the other gods.


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