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Ravenna Cathedral (Italian: Cattedrale metropolitana della Risurrezione di Nostro Signore Gesù Cristo; Duomo di Ravenna) is a Roman Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Resurrection of Jesus Christ in the city of Ravenna, Italy. Formerly the archiepiscopal seat of the Archdiocese of Ravenna, it is now the seat of the archbishops of Ravenna-Cervia.[1] It was granted the status of a minor basilica by Pope John XXIII on 7 October 1960.[2] It is also the seat of the parish of San Giovanni in Fonte belonging to the Urban Vicariate of the archdiocese of Ravenna-Cervia.[3]

The present 18th-century Baroque building followed the demolition of the ancient cathedral, the early 5th-century Basilica Ursiana.[4]


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Coordinates: 44°24′56″N 12°11′48″E / 44.4156°N 12.1966°E / 44.4156; 12.1966