Ray Wilson (musician)

Raymond Wilson is a Scottish singer and guitarist, best known as vocalist in the post-grunge band Stiltskin, in Genesis from 1996 to 1998. Wilson started off in a band called Guaranteed Pure in the 1990s, which featured himself along with Paul Holmes, Steve Wilson, John Haimes and Chris Cavanagh, they released an album called Swing Your Bag, the title track of, included on a compilation album on the label of Fish entitled The Funny Farm Project: Outpatients'93. He joined Stiltskin. Wilson joined Genesis as the band's lead singer after Phil Collins announced his departure in March 1996. Genesis founder members Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford were handed a CD of the Stiltskin album The Mind's Eye from Virgin Records executives, they were impressed with Wilson's vocal abilities and had their manager, Tony Smith, contact him for an audition. Wilson was announced as the new lead singer of Genesis in June 1997, their only album with Wilson... Calling All Stations... was released that September and became a top 10 worldwide hit, except for the U.

S. where it reached No. 54 on the Billboard 200 album chart. The album was re-issued in 2007. Genesis toured Europe in winter 1997 spring 1998, but the American leg was cancelled due to low ticket sales; the band went on an extended hiatus after the critical failure of the album. In May 2001, during an interview with Dave Negrin for website, Wilson said: They phoned me up and said, "Ray, we're not continuing." I've never felt that I was out of the band as such. When I heard that, it was just after the Cut tour, about a year and a half ago. I've read some articles saying that I was fired and stuff, but to be fair to them, they didn't phone me up and say, "Ray, you're fired. We're going to carry on and we're going to get somebody else to sing." Or, "We're going to carry on and get Phil back." There was never any of that. They just said, "We've decided not to continue because the market doesn't want us." I think they didn't want to close the door to doing anything again. In 1999, Wilson released the album Millionairhead with a solo project called Cut_.

It was remastered in 2007 with three additional songs added. In 2003, he released a solo album under his own name entitled Change; the next year, he released another studio album entitled The Next Best Thing, which included a new version of the Stiltskin hit "Inside". In 2006, he released another Stiltskin album called She, in 2007 a Stiltskin live CD featuring 8 of the 12 songs from She; this live CD was recorded 25 October 2006, at Harmonie, Germany. DJ and trance producer Armin van Buuren has produced remixes of the songs "Another Day" and "Gypsy" from Millionairhead. Both remixes have been released on van Buuren's own albums, "Yet Another Day" was released as a single. In 2014, the first Ray Wilson biography, Gypsy, by journalist Mario Giammetti, was published in Italy, it would be the first and only existing book about Wilson's life and musical career. In June 2016, his new solo album Song for a Friend was released, which included ten unreleased acoustic tracks with a cover of Pink Floyd's "High Hopes."

The original idea for the album title was Backseat Drivers. It was to be a double album. Ray wanted to have a second CD with electric music. At the eleventh hour he decided to split the two. In an interview he explained the decision was taken because the acoustic version of Song for a Friend would not have got the attention it deserves; the second disc was released in September of the same year as a stand-alone new album called Makes Me Think of Home. On September 7 and 8th 2018, Wilson gave two exclusive concerts in Poznań at Zamek Culture Centre to celebrate his 50th birthday; those two special nights titled "50th Celebration Birthday Concerts" saw Ray performing only Genesis material during the first night, while his solo material from his various projects on the second date. This was the first time he played a full concert without any Genesis songs since his tenure with the band. In 2013, Wilson joined Steve Hackett for the latter's Genesis Revisited II Tour as a guest singer, he was featured in a special edition of the Genesis Revisited II album on the track "Carpet Crawlers".

It was the first time since 1998 that Wilson had worked with a fellow Genesis member, albeit one he had not performed with as a member of the band. Studio albumsChange – No. 88 Germany The Next Best Thing Propaganda Man Chasing Rainbows – No. 57 Germany Song for a Friend Makes Me Think of Home – No. 88 GermanyLive albumsLive and Acoustic Ray Wilson Live An Audience and Ray Wilson Ray Wilson and the Berlin Symphony Ensemble, Genesis Klassik Live in Berlin Ray Wilson and the Berlin Symphony Ensemble, Genesis Classic Live in Poznan Genesis VS Stiltskin - 20 Years and More – No. 21 Germany Up Close and Personal - Live at SWR1 Time and Distance ZDF@BAUHAUS May 20, 2018 Greatest HitsUpon My Life Singles"Change" "Yet Another Day" – No. 70 United Kingdom "Goodbye Baby Blue" "These Are the Changes" Studio albumsThe Mind's Eye – No. 12 UK, No. 11 Germany, No. 10 Austria, No. 76 Netherlands, No. 13 Sweden, No. 13 Switzerland, She Unfulfillment Live albumsStiltskin Live Singles"Inside" (1994

Middle Age: A Romance

Middle Age: A Romance is a bestselling 2001 novel by Joyce Carol Oates. Adam Berendt, a cryptic yet charismatic sculptor, passes away; the novel expounds the peculiar relationships. In Salthill-on-Hudson, a New York City suburb for the wealthy and middle-aged, Adam Berendt, a charismatic sculptor, drowns in a river as he tries to rescue children on a Fourth of July cookout. Before his cremation, we learn that Marina Troy, owner of a small book store, was infatuated with him. Over the years he had bought many books from her shop to support her financially, he had bequeathed to her a house of his in the mountains. Roger Cavanagh, Adam's lawyer, forges his will and Marina agrees to sign it, hence making it legal. Camille Hoffmann, married to Lionel, had an affair with Adam, she is described as an innocent girl, rescued by Lionel from a frat rape years back. At Adam's cremation, she breaks down, back at their house it is clear that their marriage is rocky. After eerily dreaming of Adam, his dog Apollo crops up in their kitchen.

At the same time, Abigail Des Pres, another suburban, stalks her teenaged son Jared Tierney invites him for dinner in her hotel room. Jared, an angry teenager, appears to be worried about Apollo, it is learnt that Harry Tierney, is a fiercely mean man. Abigail and her son get into a car accident. Roger Cavanagh attends his teenaged daughter Robin's hockey match after running late. Abigail summons him because of the accident. Roger and Abigail flirt, only to be interrupted by Apollo. Roger has dinner with his aggressive daughter; the next day she taunts him, pretending to be pregnant and confessing, in jest. A few days Roger calls Abigail and finds out that she is away for the summer. A little Augusta Cutler, another suburban, goes to the rescued child's house and makes a fuss as she, was in love with Adam, she decides to leave her husband Owen. During this time, Marina Troy leaves for Demascus County, to live in her inherited house - she lives there on her own, without a telephone line, she has arranged for her house to be let, for Molly Ivers, a dynamic librarian, to take charge of the book shop while she is away.

Marina, isn't alone as Beverly Hogan, a pushy estate agent, starts to pester her with impromptu visits. Marina is acquainted with Rick Pryde, a petrol station owner, maimed in the Persian Gulf War of 1991, who does snow-ploughing in winter as well. Next Marina rescues a girl from an abusive boyfriend in the carpark; the girl concisely says. That night Marina dreams of Adam's unfinished sculptures that she has been tampering with, realizes she is deluded. There is a shift to the Hoffmanns, we learn of Lionel's mistress, Siri Joio, an Asian massage artist. Meanwhile, Camille rescues a maimed stray dog and gets him operated, although that would seem like a folly. Lionel leaves Camille to live with Siri, Camille sinks into depression. A little Beatrice Archer, a neighbour, visits Camille. At the same time, Roger Cavanagh tells Lionel Hoffmann. Camille somehow ends up with three more dogs. Lionel calls to say he is coming home. Meanwhile, Abigail Des Pres finds herself stalking an Asian-American girl with a'red beret'.

After a girlish meal, Abigail attends a dinner party for the Historic Society, there an architect, Gerhardt Ault, hits on her calls her again the next day. Abigail prefers to call her ex-husband and ask about her son, who has refused to talk to her since the accident, she has dinner with Gerhardt, but ends up walking out in sobs and ignoring his calls. A little she gets her book signed by Pulitzer-winner poet Donegal Croom. After a brief visit to Marina's bookshop, she attends a social event when Donegal reads aloud some of his poetry. After breaking down, he and Abigail spend the night together, talking - she talks about Adam, he confesses to having had prostate cancer and thereby being impotent. Back home, Abigail hears a message from Gerhardt on her answerphone, she promptly dismisses it, but sees him with the girl in a'red beret'... At the same time, Roger Cavanagh is in a car with feminist paralegal Noami Volpe, they visit lawyer Reginald "Boomer" Spires over Death Row client Elroy Jackson Jr, upbraid him for his lack of professionalism, as they believe his client to be only a victim of the court system.

Noami Volpe admits she is pregnant, needs a holiday, Roger pays for it. When she is back, over dinner she agrees to let him have the child. Abigail is said to be soon to marry Gerhardt Ault, Owen Cutler goes to Florida to identify his wife's corpse - coming to the conclusion it is not hers; as it is, Augusta Cutler has left to delve into Adam's past, after finding out that he was named Francis Xavier Brady. While on her quest, she spots the private detective that her husband has hired to find her, Elias West. Under the self-styled name of Elizabeth Eastman, she learns that young Adam had nearly killed his foster father.

Edward T. Martin

Edward T. "Ed" Martin was an American attorney and judge who served as Attorney General of Massachusetts for sixteen days in 1967. Martin was born in Massachusetts, he graduated from Newton High School in 1927, the American Institute of Banking in 1931, Suffolk University Law School in 1936. Martin resided in Lexington, where he was member of the town's School Committee. Prior to joining the Attorney General's office he was a member of the Federal Renegotiation Board. During the 1962 election, Martin served as Attorney General candidate Edward Brooke's campaign coordinator in the suburbs west of Boston; when Brooke took office in January 1963 he named Martin Chief of the Financial Division. While in this position, Martin felt that he needed a better background in tax law, so he attended Boston University School of Law at nights and earned a master of laws in taxation; when the position of First Deputy Attorney General opened up in 1964, Brooke appointed Martin. As First Deputy, he was responsible for the day to day operations of the Attorney General's office.

He maintained a private law practice during this time. In the 1966 election, Brooke was elected to the United States Senate and Elliot Richardson was elected Attorney General. Brooke resigned as Attorney General on January 1967 to take his Senate seat, he recommended. As the legislature was not in session, the only person with the authority to appoint an Attorney General was Governor John A. Volpe, who appointed Martin. Martin served as Attorney General until January 18. During his tenure as Attorney General, Martin's office continued a controversial investigation into former Lieutenant Governor Francis X. Bellotti. Bellotti, the Democratic nominee for Attorney General in 1966, had been accused by Richardson during the campaign of receiving money from Nationwide Insurance while serving Lieutenant Governor for work before the state Insurance Department. Bellotti claimed that the investigation was "patently political" and criticized Brooke, who had initiated the investigation before leaving office, for "white-wash" the brother of Republican governor John A. Volpe, but finding "cause to recommend further investigation against me, a Democrat".

The investigation was not closed during Martin's time in office and Richardson appointed a special panel in an informal trusteeship to review the case. Bellotti was cleared by the panel. From 1967 to 1969, Martin served as Volpe's chief secretary, he was appointed as a special justice of the West Roxbury District Court. He took his seat on January 17, 1969. On August 27, 1969, Acting Governor Francis W. Sargent nominated Martin to be a judge on the Middlesex Probate Court, his appointment was confirmed by the Massachusetts Governor's Council on September 10, 1969. He retired from the bench on April 25, 1980. In 1984, Martin died unexpectedly while on vacation in Bermuda