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Raymond Patenôtre

Raymond Patenôtre was the American-born son of the French ambassador to the United States Jules Patenotre des Noyers. He was politician. Patenotre inherited his fortune from his mother: a Philadelphia-born heiress whose father, Col James Elverson, was the owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer which Patenotre sold on behalf of his mother in a scheme to avoid paying taxes on the proceeds, he acquired La Sarthe, L’Écho républicain de l’Ouest, Le Régional de l’Ouest, Le Petit Var and Petit Niçois. In August 1933, Patenotre was a co-founder of the French Committee for the Defense of Jewish Rights in Central and Eastern Europe; the committee vowed to fight against anti-semitic legislation. Patenotre's newspapers in Lyon and Nice supported the wartime French Vichy government and embraced the idea of "the New Europe" under German auspices, he served as a member of the Chamber of Deputies from 1928 to 1936. Through his media empire, Patenôtre promoted the early career of Pierre Laval, who went on to serve as the French Prime Minister from 1942 to 1944 and executed for treason.

Patenotre was arrested on December 13, 1944 by judicial authorities in Lyon pursuing a purge of war time collaborators. Albert Lejeune, editor of the Riviera newspaper Petit Nicois published by Patenotre, was executed for collaboration despite a last minute plea for reprieve on the grounds that he had evidence against Patenotre. In October 1945, Patenotre won a cantonal election in Rambouillet, a commune southwest of Paris in the Ile de France; the winner of a French cantonal election sits in the General Council of a department, see: Cantons of France. In July 1948, Patenotre and his mother were indicted by a Federal Grand Jury for tax evasion stemming from the sale of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Patenotre's mother was accused of having lied about giving her majority share in the newspaper to her son so that it could be sold'extraterritorially' thus avoiding the tax liability on the grounds that he was a French national. Eleanore Patenotre pleaded guilty in Federal court in September 1949 agreeing to pay a $2,000,000 civil judgment in exchange for a suspended sentence.

The case against Raymond Patenotre, who did not attend the hearing on the ground of ill-health, was dismissed. Patenotre died on June 19, 1951 at the age of 51 from a stroke at his residence in Rambouillet

Harold Weisberg

Harold Weisberg served as an Office of Strategic Services officer during World War II, a U. S. Senate staff member and investigative reporter, an investigator for the Senate Committee on Civil Liberties, a U. S. State Department intelligence analyst who devoted 40 years of his life to researching and writing about the assassinations of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King, he wrote ten self-published and published books and thirty-five unpublished books related to the details for those assassinations with respect to Kennedy's assassination. Weisberg was a strong critic of the Warren Commission report and of the methods used in investigating President Kennedy's murder. In this regard, he was avant-garde, embarking on a course that many other conspiracy theorists would come to follow. Weisberg is best known for his seminal work, where he wrote: "Following thousands of hours of research in and analysis of the vast, deliberately disorganized and meaningless 26 volumes of the testimony and exhibits of the President's Commission on the Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and its 900-page Report – millions of words of which are not needed and are diversionary – I published the results of my investigation in a book, Whitewash: The Report on the Warren Report.

In this book, I establish that the inquiry into the assassination was a whitewash, using as proof only what the Commission avoided, ignored and suppressed of its own evidence."In 1992, Weisberg decided to leave his files to Hood College, where the documents were scanned and digitized at On February 21, 2002, Weisberg died of cardiovascular disease at his home in Maryland; the Harold Weisberg Archive at Hood College Weisberg Collection on the JFK Assassination at Internet Archive

Córdoba CF B

Córdoba Club de Fútbol B, S. A. D. is a Spanish football team based in the autonomous community of Andalusia. Founded in 1997, it is the reserve team of Córdoba CF and plays in Tercera División – Group 10, holding home games at Ciudad Deportiva Rafael Gómez, with a 3,000-seat capacity. In 2013, after finishing second to Algeciras CF in its Tercera División group, Córdoba B qualified for the play-offs, defeating CD Castellón 2–0 in the first round before being eliminated on the away goals rule by neighbouring reserve team Granada CF B in the second. However, due to the expulsion of another Andalusian team, cash-strapped Xerez CD, Córdoba B enlisted in Segunda División B for the first time ahead of the new season. After a two-year stay in the third tier, Córdoba B was relegated, but bounced back in 2016 by winning their group and defeating CF Lorca Deportiva 4–2 on aggregate in the play-off despite losing the first leg. 4 seasons in Segunda División B 15 seasons in Tercera División Tercera División: 2015–16 As of 6 September 2018Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules.

Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. Sebas Moyano José Antonio Romero Pablo Villa Rafael Berges Official website Futbolme team profile


Mod, MOD or mods may refer to: Modesto City–County Airport, Stanislaus County, California, US Mods, a Norwegian rock band M. O. D. A band from New York City The Mods, a punk rock band from Toronto Circuit bending, modification of an existing circuit such as a guitar pedal, digital keyboard, or drum machine Mod, 2011 film The Mods, 2014 film Mod, a modification to a video game Mòd, a festival of Scottish Gaelic song and culture Media-on-demand, a new generation of video on demand MuchOnDemand, a music-television show that airs on MuchMusic in Canada Mod Club Theatre, a nightclub in Toronto, Canada MOD Pizza, a fast casual pizza restaurant chain based in the United States MoD, the UK Ministry of Defence Masters of Deception, a US-based hacker group Ministry of Defence, a part of the government responsible for defence Ministry of Development, a Bruneian government ministry Mod, a module for Apache HTTP Server Case modding, the modification of a computer chassis Forum moderator, a person who watches over an Internet message board Module file, a family of computer music formats which play patterns of embedded sound samples MOD, the first module file format Source code file in the programming language Modula-2 Mod n cryptanalysis, a partitioning attack applicable to block and stream ciphers Modulo, a mathematical term Modular arithmetic, a system of arithmetic for integers where numbers return to zero after a certain value Modulo operation, the remainder of division of one number by another Modular exponentiation, a type of exponentiation performed over a modulus Remainder, the "left over" part in division of integers which cannot be expressed with an integer quotient Mod, a type of electronic cigarette MOD and TOD, a tapeless video format by JVC Modchip, a device designed to modify the behavior of an electronic system Model organism database, a database that houses and disseminates organism-specific biological knowledge Multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, a medical condition Mod, 1960s British youth subculture Mod revival, a rebirth of the mod subculture in the late 1970s MOD, a basic unit of time used in the MODAPTS predetermined motion time system Body modification, the deliberate altering of the human body for non-medical reasons Honour Moderations, a first set of examinations at Oxford University Manufactured-on-demand, such as Warner Archive Collection Maximum operating depth, in scuba diving, the depth at which a gas mix exceeds safe limits Mod Cup, a trophy in the sport of shinty first competed for in 1969 Modular scheduling, a system of school timetabling Mode Modification MODS Module

Lee Evans (footballer)

Lee Evans is a Welsh professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Championship club Wigan Athletic and the Wales national football team. Having been released by Bristol Rovers as a 15-year-old, Evans began his professional career at his hometown club Newport County, for whom he made his senior debut aged 17 on 20 March 2012 in a 1–1 draw at Cambridge United. After only three Conference Premier appearances, he ended the season playing in the FA Trophy Final on 12 May at Wembley Stadium, where Newport lost 0–2 to York City. During the following season, in which the club would regain its Football League status after a 25-year absence, Evans became a regular starting player in the Newport team. In January 2013, Evans signed a ​2 1⁄2-year deal with Wolverhampton Wanderers of the Championship, for an undisclosed transfer fee. Having spent the remainder of the 2012–13 season that saw Wolves relegated to League One as part of their youth development squad, he was identified over the summer by new manager Kenny Jackett to become part of his plans for the first team.

The midfielder made his club and Football League debut on 3 August 2013 in a goalless draw against Preston North End. He scored his first goal for the club a week when he netted against Gillingham, as the team went on to win the League One title, he signed a three-year contact extension in 2017 at Molineux. On 20 August 2015, Evans signed for Bradford City on loan from Wolves until 9 January 2016. On 31 July 2017, Evans completed a season-long loan to League One side Wigan Athletic, he scored his first goal for Wigan in a 4–1 win against Bury on 13 August 2017. He went on to score a further 2 goals before being recalled from his loan spell by his parent club Wolverhampton Wanderers at the beginning of the January transfer window. On 10 January 2018, Evans joined Championship club Sheffield United for an undisclosed fee, believed to be around £750,000 On 10 August 2018, Evans joined fellow Championship club Wigan Athletic on loan; the deal was made permanent on 1 January 2019. Evans made his debut for the Wales under-21 team on 6 September 2013 versus San Marino.

On 5 September 2014, Evans scored his first goal for Wales under-21 in a 2–2 draw with Finland. On 1 October 2014 Evans received his first call-up from the Wales senior national team with 5 other uncapped players, he made his debut for the senior side on 14 November 2017 as a second-half substitute during a 1–1 draw with Panama. As of match played 17 March 2018 Wigan Athletic EFL League One: 2017–18 Official Wolves profile Lee Evans at Soccerbase Lee Evans – UEFA competition record

Twogether (John Hicks and Frank Morgan album)

Twogether is an album by pianist John Hicks and alto saxophonist Frank Morgan. It was released by HighNote Records; the three piano solo tracks were recorded in New Hope, Pennsylvania, in 2006. The four duet tracks were recorded at The Jazz Bakery, Los Angeles, in November 2005. Twogether was released by HighNote Records. Both musicians died shortly after the recordings: Hicks in May 2006 and Morgan in December 2007; the AllMusic reviewer commented that "Whether Morgan saw his role at the gig as second banana or Hicks just had the more dominant stage presence, Morgan's reticence to make this an equal partnership shows as he holds himself back from engaging as a duet partner. Twogether is a pretty, relaxed set of music, but one wonders what might have been if both parties had been willing and able to go all out. "Parisian Thoroughfare" "Night in Tunisia" "My One and Only Love" "Is That So?" "Round Midnight" "N. Y. Theme" "Passion Flower" John Hicks – piano Frank Morgan – alto sax