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Real World: Go Big or Go Home
The full cast of Real World: Go Big Or Go Home
(from left to right)
(Back) Jenna, Dione, CeeJai; (Front) Kailah, Dylan, Dean, Chris, Sabrina
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes12
Original networkMTV
Original releaseMarch 17 (2016-03-17) –
May 26, 2016 (2016-05-26)
Season chronology
← Previous
Real World: Skeletons

Real World: Go Big or Go Home is the thirty-first season of MTV's reality television series Real World, which focuses on a group of diverse strangers living together for several months in a different city each season, as cameras document their lives and interpersonal relationships. It is the fourth season to be filmed in the Mountain States region of the United States, specifically in Nevada after The Real World: Las Vegas (2011).

The season featured a total of eight (initially seven) people who lived in a penthouse suite in Downtown Las Vegas and follows a twist from the previous two seasons. Las Vegas was first reported as the location for the 31st season by the website on September 15, 2015. It is the third season of Real World to be filmed in Las Vegas and the ninth season to take place in a city that had hosted a previous season, following the twelfth and twenty-fifth seasons, which aired in 2002–03 and 2011, respectively. Production began on October 9, 2015, and concluded on December 16, 2015 totaling up to 70 days of filming.[1]

On January 13, 2016, Entertainment Weekly reported that the season will be titled Go Big or Go Home. An additional twist is that it features the cast members performing Road Rules-type missions in order to remain on the show. Unlike Road Rules, some missions will be individual-based, some will involve a portion of the group, and some will be team-based.[2][3][4] The season premiered on March 17, 2016, and concluded on May 26, 2016, with the season finale, consisting of 12 episodes; it is the first season of the series to premiere simultaneously on MTV and the MTV app's livestream.[5]

Season changes[edit]

On this season, all cast members will undergo missions to stay in the house (either by an individual, some or all), similar to the missions based on Road Rules. If one cast member chose not to do the mission, they will be forced to leave the group.


Beginning in the 28th season, certain jobs in the area were approved by production that the cast had the liberty to apply for independently if desired. Kailah and Chris worked at Downtown Podcast in Downtown Las Vegas, but this went unaired.[6]

The residence[edit]

In contrast to the previous two seasons in Las Vegas, which were filmed in 2002–03 at the Palms Casino Resort and in 2011 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, the residence for this season was in a converted penthouse suite at Gold Spike in Downtown Las Vegas.[7][8]


This was the fifth season of Real World to feature a roster of eight roommates living together. The season started with seven cast members until the additional roommate was introduced in the ninth episode.

Cast Member Age1 Hometown Biography
CeeJai Jenkins 23 Atlanta, Georgia CeeJai is an aspiring lawyer and actor who recently earned her associate degree from Thomas Nelson Community College. CeeJai primarily grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois and was faced with tragedy when her father killed her mother then the police killed her father in a domestic dispute. Because of this, CeeJai is an outspoken advocate of gun safety and tries to have a positive outlook on life. CeeJai finds herself facing off with Jenna from time to time because of her views about race. In episode 10, CeeJai gets into a physical altercation with Jenna after they both get riled up from each other. In episode 12, the two get into another altercation after Jenna's friend tells her to "pick cotton" on ooVoo. CeeJai was sent home early due to her altercations with Jenna.
Chris Ammon Hall 23 Brooklyn, New York Chris is an atheist considering officially declaring becoming an Ex-Mormon due to the exclusionary views of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). He recently dropped out of Brigham Young University, moved to the East Coast and settled in Brooklyn to discover himself and shed his upbringing and clean-cut ways. He is the first pansexual cast member in the history of the show. Chris was originally friends with Jenna, but have a falling out after Jenna says that gay sex is disgusting. In episode 5, Chris reveals that he leaked information about what Jenna has said in the Real World house through a friend. In episode 6, Chris heads out to Utah with Kailah to officially resign from the LDS Church.
Dean Bart-Plange 25 Los Angeles, California Dean is an actor currently going through divorce proceedings with his wife. He is the third cast member in the history of the series to have already been married at the start of his or her season. Dean grew up in Ghana until he was 5 and then moved to Las Vegas before attending the University of Nevada, Reno.[9]
Dione Mariani 24 Cape Cod, Massachusetts Dione is an unemployed drifter. He previously appeared in the documentary Under the Electric Sky as an attendee of the Electric Daisy Carnival. Dione hooks up with Kailah in the beginning of the season, but then ignores her after he gets his ex, Amanda, mad when he told her. In episode 8, Amanda visits the house, and she later clashes with Kailah.
Jenna Thomason 22 Easley, South Carolina Jenna is an aspiring singer and self-proclaimed tomboy. Jenna has had a sheltered life with little exposure outside of pro-southern views and past struggles with a broken home. She is Mormon. Jenna has a boyfriend named Austin while being on the show. The roommates feel that he is holding Jenna from having fun. Jenna's views on sexuality and race has put her against the rest of the house. Jenna gets mad at CeeJai in episode 3, when she makes a stripper have a lap dance on Jenna. In episode 7, she gets yelled at by CeeJai due to not give as much of a tip as the other roommates did during a dinner out. When the new roommate, Dylan, arrives, Jenna starts to develop a romance with Dylan even though she is still with Austin. She gets into two physical altercations with CeeJai in episodes 11 and 12, and is sent home early.
Kailah Casillas 22 Fort Myers, Florida Kailah is an aspiring journalist with an outspoken personality who graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014.[10] Although she was popular, Kailah was considered the "mean girl" in high school.[9] Kailah describes herself as a sexual person. In the beginning of the season, she hooks up with Dione after an intense flirtation in episode 2. However, later in the season, Kailah clashes with Dione due to feeling left out of his friend group, which included him, CeeJai, and Dean. In episode 6, Kailah decides to write an article on the LDS Church through Chris's experience.
Sabrina Kennedy 21 Topsfield, Massachusetts Sabrina is a student at University of Massachusetts Amherst. She is a singer with a sense of humor who hopes to build a fan base through appearing on the show and meet her biological mother sometime in the near future.[11][12] Sabrina was initially attracted to Dione at the beginning. In episode 8, Sabrina is given the opportunity to write and release a song with Jenna through a mission. In episode 10, their song, "Fly", was released through a Las Vegas radio station and was later released as a free download on
Dylan Moore 24 Charlotte, North Carolina[13] Dylan is an aspiring entertainer and 2014 graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. During his time at UNC, he had his full scholarship for track and field revoked and was kicked off the team after a stripping prank in a lecture hall during a class using skills from his then-job as a stripper that later went viral online. After graduation, he moved to the Greater Los Angeles Area to pursue his entertainment aspirations and claims to have been a writer's assistant on the sitcom Ground Floor.[14] Dylan joins this season as an additional roommate twist in episode 9. Dylan is attracted to both Kailah and Jenna when he arrives, but he ends up getting close to Jenna.
^1 Age at start of filming

Duration of cast[edit]

Cast Member Go Big or Go Home Episodes
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Dylan FEAT[a] FEAT
Table key
 FEAT  = Cast Member is featured on this episode.
 FEAT  = Cast Member is introduced on this episode.
 REM.  = Cast Member is removed from the show.
  1. ^ Dylan came into the house in Episode 9.
  2. ^ CeeJai was removed from the house in the season finale for causing harm to Jenna during multiple physical altercations.
  3. ^ Jenna was removed the house in the season finale after instigating multiple physical altercations with CeeJai.


Episode # Mission Description Participant(s) Result Notes
1 Jump Bungee jump from a hot air balloon. CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Kailah, Jenna, Sabrina Completed
2 Drag Dress in drag for a night out. Chris, Dean, Dione Completed
3 Find Call a number that will help you to find your biological mother. Sabrina Completed
4 Plunge Participate in blobbing. CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Kailah, Sabrina Completed Jenna was medically prohibited from competing due to a neck injury.
5 Phobia Last 60 seconds with poisonous tarantulas on your body. CeeJai, Chris, Dione, Dean, Kailah, Jenna, Sabrina Completed
6 Roll Fly in planes and do aeroacrobatics. CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Kailah, Jenna, Sabrina Completed
7 Truth Reveal the truth about the internet leaks. Chris Completed Chris' mission was presented in private to him in the Confessional.
8 Trek Trek up a mountain in less than 90 minutes. CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Kailah, Jenna, Sabrina Completed
9 Record Write and produce a song together. Jenna, Sabrina Completed Jenna and Sabrina's song wasn't aired until Episode 10.
10 Baller Create a surprise divorce party for Dean. CeeJai, Chris, Dione, Kailah, Jenna, Sabrina Completed
11 Spin[15] DJ at a nightclub with The Stafford Brothers.[15] Kailah Completed Was edited to not be shown as a mission. CeeJai confirmed it was a mission on Twitter and Spin can be seen on the wall of missions.
12 Survive Survive in a desert for 24 hours CeeJai, Chris, Dean, Dione, Dylan, Kailah, Jenna, Sabrina Completed The cast received a new roommate, Dylan, who was able to become a roommate by completing the mission.
13 Flaunt Perform at a male strip club. Dean, Dylan Completed
14 Soar Soar over the Fremont Street Experience on the SlotZilla zip line Chris, Dean, Dione, Dylan, Kailah, Sabrina Completed CeeJai and Jenna had both been removed from the house prior to the mission.

Additional missions Fear, Yes, Speed, and Fall also took part but were not aired. Fear required Kailah to be in a cave of bats, Speed involved the cast driving rally trucks, Yes required Chris to say yes to what his roommates asked of him for the day, and Fall required the cast to rappel down a cliff. Fall did not include CeeJai and Jenna as both had been removed from the show by the time of the mission. Fall can be seen in the season's trailer.[16]


No. in
No. in
Title Original air date U.S. TV first-run viewers
1579"The Big Leap"March 17, 2016 (2016-03-17)0.55[17]
Seven new roommates move to Las Vegas as they learn that they would have to complete missions in order to stay in the house. Dione and Kailah begin flirting with each other, and Sabrina begins to have interest in Dione as well. Jenna's roots to the South begins to surface as she shares her opinions on race to CeeJai and Dean. CeeJai shares the story of her parents' death to the other roommates.
2580"If The Dress Fits...Wear It"March 24, 2016 (2016-03-24)0.50[18]
A mission made only for the guys in the house forces them to dress in drag, which makes Dean uncomfortable. Sabrina begins to search for her biological mother. Dione is caught in a triangle with Kailah and Sabrina, but ends when Dione and Kailah's flirtation heats up.
3581"Disaster Down Under"March 31, 2016 (2016-03-31)0.48[19]
Kailah gets mad at Jenna when she complains about her hookup with Dione. The roommates go to a strip club to celebrate CeeJai's birthday. When CeeJai tells one stripper to giver Jenna a lap dance, Jenna gets upset because she doesn't want to get her boyfriend upset. Jenna shares her past of domestic abuse to Chris. While riding on ATVs, Jenna falls off of one, and later has problems with her neck.
4582"Unfriended"April 7, 2016 (2016-04-07)0.50[20]
As the producers inform the cast that Jenna will be not able to compete in the next mission due to her neck injury, they let them to decide whether they want Jenna to stay or not. Dione leads the group that decides that Jenna stays. In the mission two castmembers had to jump on air sack projecting another castmember how was sitting on the end of that air sack into the air. Sabrina got injured while hitting the water but in the end the mission was a success. While driving back to house Jenna says to Chris in a discussion that thinking about gay sex disgusts her which rages Chris. Kailah becomes jealous when Dione meets another girl, Kia, on a day party. Even though Dione knows that Kailah is mad at him he still brings Kia to the house. Eventually they had sex in the shower. The next day Kailah attacks Dione who informs Kailah that his sex life is not her business. Chris confronts Jenna about the thing she said and they everybody hopes she will learn a lesson from the experience in the house. The cast, minus Jenna and Dean who hang out in the house, went to strip club with Chris enjoying in it the most. Kailah and Dione argue again and Dione informs her that their hook up was a one time thing. Kailah cries about it as she still has feelings for him. Dione finds Chris' nude pictures on the internet and the cast wonder what new they may found about them. Jenna argues with CeeJai as she thinks that people are being mean to her. Kailah receives a mail from her mother about an information about Jenna that has been leaked on the internet which leaves everybody speechless. At the end, they decide that Jenna should read it.
5583"The Leak"April 14, 2016 (2016-04-14)0.45[21]
An anonymous Internet leak impacts Jenna and creates major drama inside and outside the house. Kailah and Chris attack Jenna accusing for being offensive, while Jenna attacks Kailah believing she leaked all the information about her. Everybody in the house is wondering who the leaker is and most of them think it is Kailah, but later Chris reveals in the confessional that it was him because he believes that Jenna represents a tradition of racism, anti-gay and mormon. The housemates find out that their next mission is "Phobia" and is about Jenna's and CeeJai's arachnophobia. Production brought the spiders in the house and Jules Sylvester, a spider wrangler and expert from Kenya place a number of spiders on the castmembers bodies and they had to last a least 60 seconds in order to pass the mission. Everyone made it through. Later that night, Dione loses all of Dean's money on gambling in the casino. The next day Chris bullies Jenna while making of her in front of everybody. Dione tries to panhandle in order to return Dean his money but soon realises it is not the right way to do so as he realises that it might look like he makes fun of homeless people. CeeJai comes to Jenna saying that she has her back which means Jenna a lot. The new mission was "Roll" and cast successfully experienced flying in planes by themself and "fighting each other" in the Nevada Desert. Kailah reveals to Chris that after filming she wants to be a journalist and plans writing an article about the Mormon religion and going to Utah to find more information about it as she finds it very interesting. Chris speaks up about his turbulent life with Mormonism. The next day, Chris finds out he has to say the truth about leaking the stuff about Jenna as part of his next mission which he did eventually.
6584"Take a Hike"April 28, 2016 (2016-04-28)0.47[22]
Dean, CeeJai, and Dione form a clique in the house, and Kailah clashes with Dione due to felling left out. Kailah struggles in a mission when the roommates to trek up a mountain. In order to pursue her journalism career, Kailah decides to write an article on the Mormon religion through Chris's experience. Chris makes the most important decision of his life as he resigns from the Mormon religion.
7585"The Tipping Point"May 5, 2016 (2016-05-05)0.47[23]
CeeJai is reminded of her past when the roommates go to a gun range. Jenna shares her opinions on gun control, which angers the rest of the house because they think she was being insensitive to CeeJai. Dean finalizes his divorce. Dean expresses great interest in Kailah when the roommates throw Dean a divorce party. Jenna and Sabrina are given a mission in which they have to work on a song together. CeeJai gets angry at Jenna when Jenna gives a low tip after a dinner out.
8586"The Carny Queen"May 12, 2016 (2016-05-12)0.40[24]
Dione's carny crew visit the house, including Amanda, Dione's ex. Dean gets irritated by Jenna when she continues to put an act on camera for her boyfriend back home. Jenna then feels that she is threatened due to her past with domestic abuse, which angers CeeJai because she thinks Jenna felt threatened because of Dean's race. Kailah feels that Dean is changing when he hangs out with Dione's friends. CeeJai confronts both Jenna and Kailah about their perception on Dean. It then leads to Amanada and Kailah going at it with each other after Kailah calls Amanda "little". Dean breaks down after the confrontation, expressing that he feels that he has to put on an act because of the color of his skin, and CeeJai comforts him. The roommates wait for a surprise on their next mission.
9587"Shaken and Stirred"May 12, 2016 (2016-05-12)0.39[24]
A new roommate, Dylan, moves into the penthouse and takes it by storm. Dylan expresses interest in Jenna, but is also attracted to Kailah. Dylan and a newly divorced Dean are given a mission in which they have to put on a strip show. Jenna gets an email from her boyfriend that he is over their relationship, which gives her a reason to get closer to Dylan.
10588"The Hits Keep Coming"May 19, 2016 (2016-05-19)0.37[25]
Dylan and Jenna's relationship continues to develop. Jenna opens up about being the survivor of an abusive relationship. Jenna attempts to break up with her boyfriend, but ends up not doing it. Jenna and Sabrina release their song on the radio. Jenna ends her fling with Dylan in order to stay faithful to her boyfriend. Tensions between CeeJai and Jenna comes to a head.
11589"Southern Shame"May 26, 2016 (2016-05-26)0.45[26]
Sabrina learns that her biological lives in Boston. After ending a fling with Jenna, Dylan begins to pursue Kailah, but Kailah rejects him. Sabrina meets her biological mother for the first time, and finally feels relieved from herself. Jenna's friend gets her into trouble with the rest of the house.
12590"They All Go Home"May 26, 2016 (2016-05-26)0.38[26]
CeeJai gets into a physical altercation with Jenna after she becomes through with Jenna's ignorance. CeeJai and Jenna both get sent home after physically fighting with each other multiple times. The rest of the house becomes grateful for what CeeJai has done for them during their time in Las Vegas. The roommates are given one last mission before they leave Vegas.

After filming[edit]

Sabrina Kennedy's first EP, Lioness, was released August 21, 2016.[27]

On December 18, 2018, Ammo released his first single, Macy.[28]

The Challenge[edit]

Cast Member The Challenges Challenges Won Total Money Earned
CeeJai Jenkins
Chris "Ammo" Ammon Hall XXX: Dirty 30 None $0
Dean Bart-Plange
Dione Mariani
Jenna Thomason
Kailah Casillas Invasion of the Champions, XXX: Dirty 30, Vendettas, Final Reckoning None $25,625
Champs vs. Stars 3 None $1,450 for charity
Sabrina Kennedy
Dylan Moore

Challenge in bold indicates that the contestant was a finalist on The Challenge.


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