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Record Collection

Record Collection is an independent Los Angeles, California-based creative music studio founded by Jordan Tappis. Record Collection is home to a diverse roster which includes music from current Red Hot Chili Peppers' guitarist John Frusciante, The Walkmen, Blake Mills, Murs, Black Knights and management clients Blake Mills, Matt Sweeney and Fiona Apple. Between June 2004 and February 2005, the label released a series of six albums by John Frusciante. One album, Automatic Writing, was released under the band name Ataxia; the album A Sphere in the Heart of Silence was released with Josh Klinghoffer. The records each show a different side of Frusciante's musical style, going from crude rock to Pop and electronic music. In 2007, Record Collection released the follow-up to Automatic Writing by Ataxia, named AW II. In 2005, Record Collection released the Caveat Emptor EP by the Arizona-based post-hardcore/metalcore band Greeley Estates. In 2006, Record Collection released Greeley Estates' second studio album Far From The Lies.

In 2007, Record Collection released the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack which featured all new music from artists such as The Flaming Lips, The Killers and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs. In 2009, Record Collection released Frusciante's acclaimed album The Empyrean as well as Dawes breakthrough album North Hills. In 2010, Record Collection released the debut single from LA punk outfit Funeral Party and Break Mirrors the critically acclaimed debut album from producer/singer-songwriter Blake Mills. In 2012, Record Collection released two new albums from Frusciante, an EP called Letur Lefr and an LP called PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone and the debut self-titled 7" from LA band Buckaroo. In 2013 Record Collection released Outsides from Frusciante, Continuation Day from Tom Gallo, Year of the Dragon from yMusic and more. In 2014, Record Collection released Medieval Chamber, the comeback album from Wu-Tang Clan affiliates Black Knights, produced by John Frusciante. Upcoming releases include Frusciante's Enclosure as well as new releases from Blake Mills and Tom Gallo.

In 2015, Record Collection released "Year of the Dragon," an EP from avant guard classical music ensemble YMusic, "The Almighty" the critically acclaimed follow up to Black Knights breakout LP "Medieval Chamber" and "Heigh Ho", the long-awaited sophomore album from Blake Mills. In 2011, Record Collection produced God Bless Ozzy Osbourne a feature documentary about Ozzy Osbourne. In 2012 Record Collection created the music documentary mini series Sound & Vision featuring artists such as Jeff the Brotherhood and Detroit hip hop group Clear Soul Forces. In April 2013, Sound & Vision, a co-production between Red Bull and Record Collection and directed by Jordan Tappis and Mike Piscitelli, was nominated for a Webby Award under the category best online film & video: music. Record Collection management clients include Matt Sweeney, John Frusciante. 21 motion picture score Fiona Apple Ataxia Bonnie "Prince" Billy Brother Reade Buckaroo The Cubical Dawes Simon Dawes Kate Earl John Frusciante Tom Gallo Funeral Party Danielle Haim Hot Hot Heat Jesca Hoop Dan Malloy Cass Mccombs Blake Mills Greeley Estates Mt. Egypt Murs Spider-Man 3 soundtrack Supreeme The Walkmen Wassup Rockers soundtrack yMusic God Bless Ozzy Osbourne Sound & Vision Seasons 1 and 2 Red Bull On Boarding The Odyssey Westerly Anything We Want List of record labels Official Site


Roundy's is a subsidiary of Kroger, which operates 145 supermarkets and 99 pharmacies throughout the states of Wisconsin and Illinois. Based on fiscal year 2012 sales, Roundy's was the 37th largest grocery store chain and the 89th largest retailer in the United States; as of December 2015, Roundy's became a subsidiary of Kroger of Ohio. The stores of Roundy's use that branding as a private label, with three front-facing brands and one former brand: Pick'n Save, which launched as a warehouse food store concept in 1975, but over time with the decline of former competitor Kohl's Food Stores under its A&P ownership and major changes to Piggly Wiggly, now operates as a traditional supermarket chain. Metro Market, a smaller-store concept, launched in 2004, prevalent in the Milwaukee and Madison markets competing with Sendik's, Trader Joe's and Whole Foods Market. Mariano's the same concept as Metro Market in the Chicago market. Mariano's was launched in 2010. Copps Food Centers was a regional supermarket chain founded in Stevens Point, Wisconsin in 1892 prevalent in north central and northeast Wisconsin.

Copps was acquired by Roundy's in 2001. Several attempts were made to convert those stores to the Pick'n Save name under Roundy's ownership, which were unsuccessful and scattered due to customer sentiment against the rebranding. Kroger completed the rebranding of Copps locations to Pick'n Save in 2017. Roundy's operates food production facilities in Kenosha and other locations, has two main distribution centers, in Mazomanie and Oconomowoc, Wisconsin; the company began trading on the New York Stock Exchange on February 8, 2012, ceased trading on December 18, 2015, when it became a subsidiary of Kroger. The company was founded in 1872 in Milwaukee as Smith, Roundy & Co. by William E. Smith, Judson Roundy and Sidney Hauxhurst. Roundy's was a major warehouse distributor to non-company supermarkets, including IGA, but it moved out of the wholesale market to focus on retail. Roundy's was taken private in 2002 through purchase by the Chicago private-equity firm Willis Stein & Partners. A strong effort was made in 2007 to sell Roundy's, but because of softness in the credit markets, there were no takers.

Roundy's took the company public via an initial public offering in 2012, posting an initial share price of $8.50 per share. Beginning in 2002, the CEO of the corporation was Robert "Chairman Bob" Mariano, the CEO of Dominick's prior to Dominick's sale to Safeway in 1998. On December 2, 2013, Roundy's and Mariano announced it would purchase 11 Dominick's stores to rebrand them as Mariano's, after Safeway finished closing the chain early in 2014. On November 11, 2015, Roundy's announced its sale to the Kroger, a deal valued at $800 million including debt, completed on December 18, 2015. Following completion of the sale, Roundy's retained its headquarters in Milwaukee, it was suggested that Kroger was interested in the Mariano's division, as Kroger had not been active in the Chicago market, the company isn't interested in acquiring chains in financial difficulty—the Roundy's divisions in Wisconsin had been in decline. The sale of Roundy's to Cincinnati-based Kroger, about two years after Safeway shut down its Chicago-based Dominick's supermarket chain, selling many of the stores to other operators, was a matter discussed in the regional business press.

CEO Bob Mariano retired on September 1, 2016. York, Emily Bryson. "Former Dominick's CEO Opening More Grocery Stores Here". Chicago Tribune. Retrieved February 10, 2017. Official website

Central Film School

Central Film School is a private film school in East London, based in Universal House, Wentworth Street. It was founded in 2008; the school offers undergraduate degrees in Practical Filmmaking and Screenwriting, as well as short courses and postgraduate degrees. The school hosts around 100 students each year. In 2015, CFS entered into partnership with Bertha Foundation, a philanthropic organisation that funds documentary features; the school has begun to offer documentary courses to reflect this partnership. In recent years, CFS has hosted student Q&As with filmmakers such as Nick Hornby, George Amponsah, Sir Ronald Harwood. Alumni include BAFTA Cymru award-winning director Kim Strobl, Bollywood director Zaid Ali Khan, Tamil actor Naga, Nigerian actor Demola Adedoyin. Official website

Irene Syrikaina

Irene Syrikaina was the third Empress-consort of Manuel I of Trebizond. She may be the same Irene Syrikaina whom Michael Panaretos mentions was stoned to death in September 1332 in the purges that followed Basil Megas Komnenos's accession to the throne; the male form of her family name has been suggested being either "Syrikainos" or "Syrikos". The name may be related to the island Syros or to the terms "Syrios", "Syrikos", "Syriakos", all Greek language for Syrian; the geographic term Syria applied to Coele-Syria and Transjordan. Irene is mentioned in the chronicle of Michael Panaretos: "And the son of lord Manuel by the lady Irene Syrikaina, the lord George Komnenos, succeeded to the throne and reigned for fourteen years" This indicates that she was the mother of George, Emperor of Trebizond and John II of Trebizond, presumed to have been the youngest sons of Manuel. Michel Kuršanskis has argued that Irene married Manuel some time after 1253, the year Manuel sent envoys to King Louis IX of France, at Sidon after his defeat at the Battle of Fariskur, seeking to marry a daughter of his house.

This diplomatic visit would be best explained by Manuel's need for a wife, when King Louis declined to offer him a daughter, Manuel subsequently married Irene. Manuel had at least two daughters, they could be another of his wives. One of the daughters married Demetre II of the other married one of his Didebul. Though mentioned in modern genealogies as a name, "Didebul" was a title. According to "The Bagrationi Dynasty" by Christopher Buyers, the Didebul were "non-hereditary noblemen of high rank, senior to aznaur enjoyed by one in state service". Panaretos records that Manuel died in March, 1263, he was succeeded by Andronikos II of his only known son by Anna Xylaloe, his first wife. Based on a passage in the Georgian "Annals of Sebastian", Anthony Bryer has argued that Irene Syrikaina played a role in the deposition of her son George, thus was still alive June 1280

Joachim Stutschewsky

Joachim-Yehoyachin Stutschewsky, was a Ukraine-born Austrian and Israeli cellist, musicologist. His father, Kalmen-Leyb Stutschewsky was a clarinetist, he was married twice. His first wife was the Swiss cellist Rewekka "Wecki" Schein. Stutschewsky's archive can be found in the Felicja Blumental music library in Tel Aviv. הספרייה במרכז פליציה בלומנטל למוזיקה HTM Works by or about Joachim Stutschewsky at Internet Archive

Stanisław Srokowski

Stanisław Józef Srokowski was a Polish geographer and diplomat. Srokowski joined the Polish diplomatic service in 1920 and became the Polish Consul at Odessa and Königsberg. In 1923-1924 he was the Wojewod of the Wołyń Voivodeship and became the Director of the Polish Baltic Institute at Toruń in 1926. Srokowski was a Professor at the University of Warsaw prior to World War II and President of the Polish Geographical Society. In 1946-1950 he was the head of the Polish Committee for Settling of Place Names, which determined the names of towns and villages in the Former eastern territories of Germany that became part of Poland after World War II. Srokowski died in 1950, the village of Drengfurt was renamed Srokowo in his memory. Geografia gospodarcza Polski Warszawa 1939 Wyd. Instytut Społeczny Geografia gospodarcza ogólna Warszawa 1950 Wyd. Państwowe Zakłady Wydawnictw Szkolnych Z dni zawieruchy dziejowej: 1914-1918 Kraków 1932, Nakładem Księgarni Geograficznej "Orbis" Prusy Wschodnie. Studium Geograficzne, Gospodarcze i Społeczne Gdańsk - Bydgoszcz - Toruń 1945, Wyd.

Biuro Ziem Zachodnich przy Ministerstwie Administracji Publicznej Prusy Wschodnie Warszawa 1947, Wyd. Państwowe Zakłady Wydawnictw Szkolnych Z krainy Czarnego Olsztyn 1980 Wyd. Pojezierze ISBN 83-7002-046-1 Czesi: szkic kulturalno-obyczajowy Kraków 1898 Wyd. Hoesicka Wspomnienia z trzeciego powstania górnośląskiego 1921 r. Poznań 1926 Wyd. Związek Obrony Kresów Zachodnich, Zarys geografii fizycznej ziem polsko-litewsko-ruskich Kijów 1918, Wyd. Rady Okręgowej Uwagi o kresach wschodnich Kraków 1925 Pomorze ZachodnieGdańsk 1947 Wyd. Instytut Bałtycki Małgorzata Szostakowska, Stanisław Srokowski – polityk, geograf. Olsztyn 1999. XVI-XX wiek, Littera, 2005, ISBN 83-89775-03-4