Regalia of the Bulgarian monarch

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First Bulgarian Empire[edit]

The whereabouts of the Regalia is unknown.

Second Bulgarian Empire[edit]

Constantine I of Bulgaria & Irene Doukaina Laskarina with the Royal Regalia

The whereabouts of the Regalia is unknown.

Kaloyan of Bulgaria had regalia given to him by Pope Innocent III. The regalia was brought to Bulgaria by Cardinal Leo Brancaleoni and was used for the coronation on November 8th, 1204.

Third Bulgarian Tsardom[edit]

Eleonore Reuss of Köstritz with Marie Antoinette's crown

There are different accounts regarding a Royal Crown of the Third Bulgarian Tsardom. Multiple stories overlap stating that Ferdinand I of Bulgaria ordering his own Crown in Germany. One story states that Clémentine of Orléans had designed a Crown for Ferdinand I, which included a "requisite number of jewels from her own dressing case".[1] Unfortunately, Ferdinand made a number of alterations to the design but decided not to pay the painter for painting a portrait of the new crown, leading him to be sued by the painter in a Munich court.[1]

The Sceptre of Boris III of Bulgaria

Ferdinand I of Bulgaria used one Scepter and two Baton's. The scepter was sold on-line to an unknown buyer[2]. One of the Batons was given to Ferdinand by the Bulgarian Army in 1915 in celebration to the successful military campaign in Macedonia and the other Baton was given to him by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1916 on a military parade in Niš when Ferdinand was awarded the title Generalfeldmarschall. Currently, both Batons are in the possession of Simeon II of Bulgaria.

Ferdinand's consorts Marie Louise of Bourbon-Parma and Eleonore Reuss of Köstritz used a crown originally owned by Marie Antoinette of France.

Boris III of Bulgaria did not possess his own regalia. For the 25th anniversary of his accession to the Bulgarian Throne the Bulgarian Army had a scepter and an orb made in Germany. They were going to be presented to Boris III on October 3, 1943 but he died on August 28. They are currently kept at the Bulgarian National Bank.[citation needed]

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