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Region is a term used by contemporary geographers to describe an area of land or water that is part of a larger whole.

Region or Regional may also refer to:


Regional is also the name of at least two rail lines:

  • Regional Railways one of the three former passenger sectors of British Rail from 1981 to 1996
  • Regional (Amtrak), a train line that runs between Massachusetts and Virginia

Computer science[edit]

  • Region-based memory management, a memory management technique in which allocations are organized into regions and all objects in a region can be deallocated at once
  • In raster graphics, a region is a data structure used to represent an arbitrary set of pixels (in Apple QuickDraw) or series of shapes (Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface or X Window System) to be drawn on the screen
  • In digital audio editing, a region is a reference to a portion of an audio file



  • A subset of physical space that is regular open, connected, and bounded, and whose size may range, depending on the context, from very small to very large