Regional science

Regional science is a field of the social sciences concerned with analytical approaches to problems that are urban, rural, or regional. Topics in regional science include, but are not limited to location theory or spatial economics, location modeling, migration analysis, land use and urban development, interindustry analysis and ecological analysis, resource management and regional policy analysis, geographical information systems, spatial data analysis. In the broadest sense, any social science analysis that has a spatial dimension is embraced by regional scientists. Regional science was founded in the late 1940s when some economists began to become dissatisfied with the low level of regional economic analysis and felt an urge to upgrade it, but in this early era, the founders of regional science expected to catch the interest of people from a wide variety of disciplines. Regional science's formal roots date to the aggressive campaigns by Walter Isard and his supporters to promote the "objective" and "scientific" analysis of settlement, industrial location, urban development.

Isard campaigned tirelessly. Accordingly, the Regional Science Association was founded in 1954, when the core group of scholars and practitioners held its first meetings independent from those held as sessions of the annual meetings of the American Economics Association. A reason for meeting independently undoubtedly was the group's desire to extend the new science beyond the rather restrictive world of economists and have natural scientists, anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists and geographers join the club. Now called the Regional Science Association International, it maintains subnational and international associations, a conference circuit. Membership in the RSAI continues to grow. Topically speaking, regional science took off in the wake of Walter Christaller's book Die Zentralen Orte in Sűddeutschland, soon followed by Tord Palander's Beiträge zur Standortstheorie. Other important early publications include: Edward H. Chamberlin's The Theory of Monopolistic Competition. B McGuire, Clifford B.

Winston's Studies in the Economics of Transportation. Nonetheless, Walter Isard's first book in 1956, Location and Space Economy captured the imagination of many, his third, Methods of Regional Analysis, published in 1960, only sealed his position as the father of the field; as is the case, the above works were built on the shoulders of giants. Much of this predecessor work is documented well in Walter Isard's Location and Space Economy as well as Claude Ponsard's Histoire des Théorie Économique Spatiales. Important was the contribution by 19th century German economists to location theory; the early German hegemony more or less starts with Johann Heinrich von Thünen and runs through both Wilhelm Launhardt and Alfred Weber to Walter Christaller and August Lösch. If an academic discipline is identified by its journals technically regional science began in 1955 with the publication of the first volume of the Papers and Proceedings, Regional Science Association. In 1958, the Journal of Regional Science followed.

Since the 1970s, the number of journals serving the field has exploded. The RSAI website displays most of them. Most the journal Spatial Economic Analysis has been published by the RSAI British and Irish Section with the Regional Studies Association; the latter is a separate and growing organisation involving economists, geographers, political scientists, management academics and practitioners. Walter Isard's efforts culminated in the creation of a few academic departments and several university-wide programs in regional science. At Walter Isard's suggestion, the University of Pennsylvania started the Regional Science Department in 1956, it featured as its first graduate William Alonso and was looked upon by many to be the international academic leader for the field. Another important graduate and faculty member of the department is Masahisa Fujita; the core curriculum of this department was microeconomics, input-output analysis, location theory, statistics. Faculty taught courses in mathematical programming, transportation economics, labor economics and ecological policy modeling, spatial statistics, spatial interaction theory and models, benefit/cost analysis and regional analysis, economic development theory, among others.

But the department's unusual multidisciplinary orientation undoubtedly encouraged its demise, it lost its department status in 1993. With a few exceptions, such as Cornell University, which awards graduate degrees in Regional Science, most practitioners hold positions in departments such as economi

Parthenium integrifolium

Parthenium integrifolium is a species of flowering plant in the aster family known by the common names wild quinine, American feverfew, eastern feverfew. It is native to midwestern United States; this plant is a perennial herb growing about three to five feet high. The glandular leaves are oval to variable in size, they have toothed, or lobed edges. The inflorescence is an array of several flower heads containing whitish disc flowers and 5 to 6 ray flowers; the "flowers have a pleasant but mild medicinal fragrance."This plant grows in disturbed areas as well as prairies, woodland edges, hillsides. It does well enough in part shade, it grows in most any well-drained soil from sandy loam to good quality clay. It can be used as a garden plant in many areas, it has a long blooming period of June into September. The winter inflorescences make a good dried flower arrangement for indoors, it is sold by a good number of native plant nurseries. The leaves of the plant contain tannins and the plant was used for medicinal and veterinary purposes by Native Americans.

The Catawba people used it as a poultice to treat burns. The ashes were applied to horses with "sore backs"; the roots were made into a tea to treat dysentery. USDA Plants Profile

Paperplane Pursuit

Paperplane Pursuit is a Malaysian pop band based in Kuala Lumpur. The band consists of John O, Dru Yap, Isaac Ravi and The Chief. Past members include Wern-Jhien and Hiang Liang; the group released their self-made debut album Malaysia 2.0 in 2011, follow-up album Higher in 2014. Paperplane Pursuit's sound is pop music for mainstream radio; the band has independently and wholly created and produced their own music, accompanying music videos as well as their own studio spearheaded by lead vocalist John O. Since their debut, the band has enjoyed success on mainstream Malaysian radio stations Hitz Fm, Fly Fm, Mix Fm, Red Fm and several other stations; the singles released from their album Higher including "What If", "Beat of Your Love", "Feel Good" and their latest single "Who's Gonna Stop Me?" have all peaked at number one on the Hitz Fm's Met 10 based on popular vote by their fans, Paperazzi, as they have been affectionately named by the band. Their single, "Feel Good", reach the Billboard charts in the United States.

The band formed in 2009 from Silent Scream. Paperplane Pursuit and first gained recognition in 2010 with their single'Goodbye', released off their debut EP, Malaysia 2.0. The track enjoyed chart success in Malaysia and the accompanying music video made waves on MTV Asia, airing daily at the end of 2010. In support of Malaysia 2.0, Paperplane Pursuit spent 2011 and 2012 performing live, making radio and TV appearances. In November 2012, they released'Everybody Wants Somebody', the first single off their second EP, ‘Higher’; the single gained regular airplay on local radio stations. The band followed up in February 2013 with the release of their next single'Higher', which continued to receive attention on Malaysian radio. In September 2013, the band released their third single,'What If'. In November 2013 Paperplane Pursuit was invited to perform'What If' for The SHOUT! Awards 2013; the band’s breakthrough single ‘Beat Of Your Love’, featuring fellow Malaysian artist Darren Ashley, was released in January 2014.

The single, "Feel Good", was first released in Malaysia in July 2014 and continued to be played daily on Malaysian radio well into February 2015, making the band one of the most played acts on Malaysian radio. The band headlined the H-artistry event in Malaysia. Paperplane Pursuit was a featured artist for the Amplified: Music Made of More series by Guinness which included international artists such as Howie Day and MAGIC!. Paperplane Pursuit was presented with 5th annual August Man Malaysia Men of The Year Awards 2014 for their music. In July 2015, Paperplane Pursuit partnered with Asia International Records to release the band’s single "Feel Good" in the United States, as part of a radio campaign to enter the US Billboard charts and introduce the band to an international audience; the single broke the Billboard Top 40 Mainstream Indicator Chart in September 2015. The band is working on a full-length album, which will be released in early 2016; the album’s first single, titled ‘Who’s Gonna Stop Me?!’, is to be released in Malaysia in August 2016.

The music video features Malaysian artistic gymnast and gold medalist Farah Ann Binti Abdul Hadi and was released worldwide on YouTube in September. Paperplane Pursuit supported 5 Seconds of Summer at the KL Convention Centre in Kuala Lumpur on 2 March 2016 during the Sounds Live Feels Live World Tour. Malaysia 2.0 Higher "Everybody Wants Somebody" "What If" "Beat Of Your Love" "Feel Good" "Who's Gonna Stop Me?!" 2008 MACP AwardsBest Lyrics Best Vocals Best Performance Official website SilentScream at Channel AMP