Criminal Lawyer (1951 film)

Criminal Lawyer is a 1951 American film noir crime film directed by Seymour Friedman and starring Pat O'Brien, Jane Wyatt and Mary Castle. A tricky lawyer is forced to consider his moral worldview when he is turned down for a position as a judge. Pat O'Brien as James Edward Reagan Jane Wyatt as Maggie Powell Carl Benton Reid as Tucker Bourne Mary Castle as Gloria Lydendecker Robert Shayne as Clark P. Sommers Mike Mazurki as'Moose' Hendricks Jerome Cowan as Walter Medford Marvin Kaplan as Sam Kutler Douglas Fowley as Harry Cheney Mickey Knox as Vincent Cheney Louis Jean Heydt as Frank Burnett Blottner, Gene. Columbia Noir: A Complete Filmography, 1940-1962. McFarland, 2015. Criminal Lawyer on IMDb

Edmund Kirsch

Edmund Kirsch was a Moravian businessman and translator. Edmund Kirsch was born in Brno on 16 November 1866, his father was managing director in one textile factory in Moscow. After graduating from textile school in Brno he was invited by his uncle Edmund Pintner to get practice in the textile factory of Vonwiller & Co. in Žamberk. By the end of the 1870s he had studied at college in Denmark. Besides Czech language and Danish language he spoke German, English and Russian. After graduating in Denmark he returned to Žamberk in 1885. Novelist Dan Brown used a name similar to his "Edmond Kirsch" for the billionaire, futurist character in his 2017 novel Origin. Žamberské listy č.7. 2009 str.7 Žamberské listy č. 03. 2004 str. 14