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René Lorin (24 March 1877– 16 January 1933) was a French aerospace engineer and inventor of the ramjet.[1] In 1908 he patented the first subsonic ramjet design.[citation needed]

Lorin published the principles of a ramjet in articles in the journal L'Aérophile from 1908[2][3][4] to 1913, expressing the idea that the exhaust from internal combustion engines could be directed into nozzles to create jet propulsion,[5][6] he could not build this invention since there was no way at the time for an aircraft to go fast enough for a ramjet to function properly.[7][8]

When René Leduc applied for a patent on a ramjet design in 1933, he discovered Lorin's publications and tried to contact him, only to learn that he had recently died. Leduc thereafter paid homage to Lorin's work.[9]

René Lorin is a graduate of the École Centrale Paris.