Rencheng District

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Jining Great East Temple (济宁东大寺)
Jining Great East Temple (济宁东大寺)
Location in Jining
Location in Jining
Jining in Shandong
Jining in Shandong
Country People's Republic of China
Province Shandong
Prefecture-level city Jining
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Rencheng (Chinese: 任城; pinyin: Rènchéng) is one of two districts and the seat of the city of Jining in Shandong province, China. In November 2013 Shizhong District was merged into Rencheng.[1]


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Coordinates: 35°24′24″N 116°36′00″E / 35.40667°N 116.60000°E / 35.40667; 116.60000