Reuben Webster Millsaps

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Reuben Webster Millsaps
BornMay 30, 1833
DiedJune 30, 1916

Reuben Webster Millsaps (May 30, 1833 - June 30, 1916) was an American businessman, financier and philanthropist.

Early years[edit]

Reuben Webster Millsaps was born on May 30, 1833 in Pleasant Valley, Copiah County, Mississippi,[1] his family were farmers. He had eight siblings.

He attended Indiana Asbury College, now known as DePauw University, and Harvard University Law School, where he earned a law degree.

Civil War[edit]

He fought in the American Civil War as a soldier in the Confederate States Army and was wounded twice during the war, he attained the military rank of Major.

Postbellum career[edit]

After returning from the war he pursued a successful career in business and finance, he was a President of Capital State Bank in Jackson, Mississippi.


In 1890, Millsaps donated US$550,000, which was matched by contributions from Mississippi's Methodist community, for the creation of "a Christian college within the borders of our state";[2][3] the college is now known as Millsaps College and is located in Jackson, Mississippi.[2][3] He devoted the rest of his life to the building and running of the college.


Tomb on the campus of Millsaps College.

He died on June 30, 1916, at the age of 83,[1] he was buried on the campus of Millsaps College in Jackson.


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