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Dronning Louise Land-NE Greenland.jpg
Queen Louise Land and neighbouring areas
Highest point
Elevation2,317 m (7,602 ft) [1]
Coordinates76°39′41″N 25°42′28″W / 76.66139°N 25.70778°W / 76.66139; -25.70778Coordinates: 76°39′41″N 25°42′28″W / 76.66139°N 25.70778°W / 76.66139; -25.70778[1]

Revaltoppe is one of the highest mountains in Queen Louise Land, NE Greenland. The peak is located in the King Frederick VIII Land area of northeastern Greenland. Administratively it is part of the Northeast Greenland National Park zone.

This peak was named after Reval, an old name for the capital of Estonia, where the Dannebrog is said to have dropped from the sky during a battle between the Danes and the Estonians in 1219.[2]


Revaltoppe is the highest peak in a group of nunataks[3] to the west of Dannebrogsfjeldene, at the southwestern end of Queen Louise Land (Danish: Dronning Louise Land);[4] the nunatak group was named Reval Toppene[3] or Revaltoppene by J.P. Koch’s 1912–13 Danish Expedition to Queen Louise Land.[2]

Revaltoppe is a 2,317.5-metre-high (7,603 ft) peak. This mountain is marked as a 7,999-foot-high (2,438 m) peak in the Defense Mapping Agency Greenland Navigation charts.[5]

Defense Mapping Agency map of Northeastern Greenland.

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