Ribble and Alt Estuaries

The Ribble and Alt Estuaries lie on the Irish Sea coast of the counties of Lancashire and Merseyside in north-west England, form the boundaries of a number of nature preservation schemes. A large number of different species of waders and wildfowl, listed below, use the estuaries as feeding and over-wintering areas; this wide variety of bird species has led to the estuaries being designated as a Special Protection Area and as a Ramsar site. The Ribble Estuary has been designated a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1966 and is now covered by Natural England's Ribble Estuary National Nature Reserve. Common tern Lesser black-backed gull Ruff Bar-tailed godwit Black-tailed godwit Bewick's swan Dunlin Golden plover Grey plover knot Oystercatcher Pink-footed goose Pintail Redshank Sanderling Shelduck Teal Whooper swan Wigeon Ringed plover Sanderling River Alt River Ribble "Classification as a Special Protection Area". Joint Nature Conservation Committee. "SSSI citation sheet". English Nature.

Natural England: Ribble Estuary National Nature Reserve

Mick Harte Was Here

Mick Harte Was Here is a novella written by Barbara Park, which focuses on how Phoebe, a thirteen-year-old girl, copes with the death of her brother, Mick Harte, killed in a bicycle accident due to head injuries he received while not wearing his helmet. In 1998, the book was awarded the annual William Allen White Children's Book Award. Thirteen-year-old Phoebe Harte's younger brother, dies in a bicycle accident, because he chooses not to wear a helmet; this brings an incredible amount of sorrow to the Harte family. The book, narrated by Phoebe herself, shows the effect Mick's death has on his friends and schoolmates, delves into the grieving process experienced by Phoebe and her parents; the book delivers some of Phoebe's fondest memories of Mick—many of them relating the pranks that Mick enjoyed playing on his friends and family—in the form of anecdotes about when the two of them were younger. According to Publishers Weekly, Park demonstrates a tremendous ability "to convey so affectingly both the individual and collective pain of this family's members."

Park does this, not through melodrama, but rather through what Publishers Weekly calls a focus "on small moments", such as when Phoebe's father arrives home from the hospital and closes the door to Mick's room. Park's novella was well-reviewed. Publishers Weekly called it "a full-fledged and convincing drama", lauding "Park's ability to make the events excruciatingly real while avoiding the mawkish." In 1998, the book won the William Allen White Children's Book Award, an honor bestowed upon it by a vote of Kansas schoolchildren. In addition to the aforementioned focus of the novella on the grieving process, another theme woven into the fabric of the novella is that of bicycle safety; the book suggests that had Mick been wearing a bicycle helmet, he would not have died from his injuries. In one scene, as Phoebe is experiencing a sense of guilt over Mick's death, her father sighs and says "If only I had made him wear his helmet." The theme is brought around again towards the end of the book, when Phoebe moves past her own pain and anger in what Publishers Weekly calls "a powerful scene in which Phoebe overcomes her own pain and anger to participate in a school assembly on bicycle safety."

However, Publishers Weekly notes that the theme of bicycle safety "never dominates the story", that Park never allows the book to descend into a maudlin "cautionary tale."

2011 in amusement parks

This is a list of events and openings related to amusement parks that occurred in 2011. These various lists are not exhaustive. Legoland Florida - October 15, replaced the former Cypress Gardens Rainbow MagicLand - May 26 Trans Studio Bandung - June 18 Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom » Wildwater Kingdom Walibi World » Walibi Holland Darien Lake - PARC Management » Herschend Family Entertainment Elitch Gardens - PARC Management » Herschend Family Entertainment California's Great America - 35th birthday Walt Disney World Resort - 40th birthday Canada Canada's Wonderland - 30th birthday Disney California Adventure - 10th birthday Dreamworld - 30th birthday Lagoon Amusement Park - 125th birthday Magic Kingdom - 40th birthday Michigan's Adventure - 55th birthday Toverland - 10th birthday Six Flags Great America - 35th birthday Six Flags Magic Mountain - 40th birthday Six Flags Over Texas - 50th birthday Six Flags St. Louis - 40th birthday Australia Sea World - 40th birthday Valleyfair - 35th birthday Warner Bros.

Movie World - 20th birthday WhiteWater World - 5th birthday Wannado City - January 2 NASCAR Cafe - May 1 This section list the top 25 largest amusement parks worldwide in order of annual attendance in 2011. The 2011 Amusement Today Golden Ticket Awards were held at Holiday World & Splashin' Safari in Santa Claus, Indiana. List of roller coaster rankings Category:Amusement rides introduced in 2011 Category:Roller coasters introduced in 2011 Category:Amusement rides that closed in 2011 Listing of 2011 roller coaster openings at the Roller Coaster DataBase Listing of 2011 roller coaster closures at the Roller Coaster DataBase