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Professor Richard J. Dumbrill of the City University of New York is an ethnomusicologist/archaeomusicologist who has traced the evolution of balags, lyre, lute and aerophone instrumental music in the ancient Near East,[1] the founder of the International Council of Near Eastern Archaeomusicology[2] (ICONEA) at the Institute of Musical Research, School of Advanced Studies, University of London,[3] and Professor of Archaeomusicology, University of Babylon.[4]


  • The Musicology and Organology of the Ancient Near East, second edition. London: Tadema Press, 2000. ISBN 0-9533633-0-9[5]
  • The Archaeomusicology of the Ancient Near East (City University of New York, 2005)
  • Idiophones of the Ancient Near East in the Collections of the British Museum
  • The Silver Lyre of Ur
  • Musical scenes on Seals and Seal Impressions of the Ancient Near East
  • The Truth about Babylonian Music

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