Richard Kissling

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Alfred Escher Memorial, Zürich
Rizal Monument, Manila
Jünglingsfigur, Villa Tobler in Zürich
Zürich 1893 Cantonal Shooting Festival Silver Medal, obverse. It shows the design of Kissling's William Tell Monument in Altdorf.
Kissling's Zürich 1893 Cantonal Shooting Festival Silver Medal, reverse

Richard Kissling (April 15, 1848 - July 19, 1919) was a Swiss sculptor, and medallist.

Born in Wolfwil, Switzerland, Kissling went through apprenticeship as a plasterer before moving to Rome for 13 years, studying under the sculptor Ferdinand Schlöth. At the 1883 National Exhibition in Zurich, Kissling showed a portrait bust of the Swiss politician Alfred Escher. As a result, he was given the 1889 commission for Escher's statue in bronze and granite, in front of the Arch at Zürich Hauptbahnhof.

Kissling became one of the most widely employed Swiss sculptors for monuments and memorials, although his heroic classical style was increasingly regarded as outdated towards the end of his career.

His other works include:


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