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Richard M. Davidson
Occupation Protestant, Seventh-day Adventist Theologian

Richard M. Davidson is an Old Testament scholar at Andrews University, Michigan, where he is currently the J. N. Andrews Professor of Old Testament Exegesis.


Davidson was the president of the Adventist Theological Society from 1996-1998.[1] He is married to JoAnn Davidson.[2]

Flame of Yahweh[edit]

Davidson is best known for his major academic work Flame of Yahweh: A Theology of Sexuality in the Old Testament, published in 2007.[3] The title is derived from the Biblical verse Song of Solomon 8:6c.[4] He has been studying the topic of sexuality in the Old Testament since the early 1980s. Grenville Kent writes "Davidson is to be commended for an OT biblical theology of sexuality which is fearless, deep and comprehensive – almost encyclopaedic."[5] Other reviewers of this work include Anselm C. Hagedorn,[6] C. Amos,[7] J. Harold Ellens,[8] Yael Klangswisan,[9] Dale Launderville,[10] Harvey E. Solganick,[11] Nicholas T. Batzig,[12] Jennifer L. Koosed,[13] Heather Macumber,[14] and James D. Lorenz.[15][16]

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